Ahah, I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but I needed to fangirl over some videos, and everyone on my xanga protected is annoyed of it, so.. :D Yay for you.

Oh yeah, last night.. I dreamt about Super Junior-M. .___. But DANGIT my dad had to wake me up when I finally was able to talk to Henry! TT______TT Oh, me and my silly trivial, impossible thoughts. Is my life going down the drain?


Anyway, I happyyy~~~~ I so happy right now~! ^____^
Why? ‘Cause symbelmyn’s back with a new account! ASJFIOLJWILJILK!! YAAAY! <333 I can live on after all! -flails about- Glad she didn’t give up~ ^^

Now I need to fangirl.


[Credit: symbelmyns]

OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO. <3 It’s SuJu-M performing “At Least I Still Have You“. You know how much I love these boys AND this song already, so I won’t start on that. Anyway, there’s kind of something different about this performance.

Firstly, I love that it’s live. And even though they sound pretty out-of-tune and weak here… I just LOVE this video because they look so HAPPY! <33 ^^ Squee! And healthy too!

Donghae‘s solo at 0:54 was extremely out of tune, but <3! He doesn’t look tired and miserable [and old]! ^^ Makes me happy~

OMGZHOUMI,ILOVEYOUANDYOURVOICE. 2:56! He swung the notes and it sounds so good!

3:20 = <33333333333333333333333333333333333
OH MY GOD, I CAN BE HAPPY FOR LIFE. [No, I’m just kidding.] Shiwon smiled at Henry and Henry smiled back! Ahhhhh!! I love seeing them smile! <3 ^^ And smiling Henry is just, ahhhh, the cutest and best Henry. <3 =]

[Credit: symbelmyns]

:D Henry‘s violin solo cut. I already spazzed enough when I saw this while watching Behind the Story, but this is just so <33.

Henry is way too talented. <33333 I love how the members of Super Junior[+M] aren’t only just talented vocally, but in SO many other fields too. :D I love it especially when they can play instruments! Especially if they could play as well as Henry~
[And especially violin! I play it so I know it’s really hard.]

I love the Henry here too. xD It was filmed a while after debut, so back then, he was sooo shy and adorable and innocent and lost and cute. :DDD <3

Also I love his debut clothes.. *_____* The debut clothes are my favorite set. And I love his hair here. Don’t like his current haircut. And, and, ahhh his adorably shy smile and cheeks! <3

[Credit: xsingingxfaeriex]

^^; Honestly I didn’t find this video TOO interesting, but OMG THE ENDING KILLED ME. xD

Ryeowook…tried to speak Cantonese<3. xDDDDD And it was really, really off, but really, really cute.

[SUPER credits: shineesubs]

During the beginning+introductions, they all look kind of bored, but but! That all dissolves later. :D

Ahah, look at those camwhores! But since they’re celebrities, they’re forgiven. :D I love how they did so much selca; something about it’s just really cute, natural, and funny. Key and Jonghyun were so close to the camera. xD How cute. Though, the fixing hair parts could’ve been cut out.

Ahhhh, Key has been growing on me a lot! <3 He’s sooo adorable and good-looking! :DD [And on top of that: sweet, kind, down-to-earth, responsible, can sing, can rap, can dance.] 1:39 IS TOO CUTE.
Lately I’ve been really liking Jonghyun‘s hair. =3

Onew… is such a dork. xD A lovable Donald Duck-imitating dork.

In fact, all of them are such dorks. xD That’s what I really love about SHINee. They’re so..absolutely innocent. :D And they’re all great-looking, smart, cute, cleverly random, great singers, great dancers, and huuuge dorks! xD I can never imagine these five getting into any scandals. <3
They all have greeeat hair. ^^ Even Taemin! It’s so silky!

“Hello, my name is Michael Jackson.”

Minho was barely even in the video at all, but I’m kinda glad, ’cause all those dorky gags would’ve put out his charismatic flame. :DDDDDD

Ahh, I really like Key now. xD I don’t know who’s my favorite anymore. Key‘s so random, it’s hilarious! Like here, please watch starting from 6:02, if you’re lazy. :D “Key!”

2 Responses

    i love your fangirling, ebah! it keeps updated ^^ and yayy symbelmyn is back! :D

  2. HEY omggg i loveee your fangrillyness haha it’s so much like meee like the people you like and the everything you like about them are exactly what i love too xD haha and i totally agree with everything you say about it!! well, except for one thing, i dont really like symbelmyn cuz her videos are slow to load i think its because only half the video works the rest is like black. or maybe it’s just my computer…o.O
    oh and i play the violin as well!! but i suck at it cuz i never practice >< oh but henry got me practicing his don't don solo…but im really bad at the end where you shift to like 93409582 position. and im still trying to find some other solos he did in the sjm songs…
    anyways OMG i dream about them all the time too!!! and ahhh i LOVEE henry lau and your blog about him (reasons to love henry lau) ahhh<
    and donghae and siwon are my second favoriteee< and my parents think i'm crazy for spending so much time on the computer everyday watching videos of hot asian guys and getting crazy over them haha and my friends are just like "wow. first, you need a life. second, you need a boyfriend." but hey, its not easy to find hot asian guys like suju/dbsk/shinee anywhere you go. and just by watching them it makes my standard on guys go duper high haha xdd and btw my mac is pretty much my life. cant live without it x]

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