Strange Day

This morning, while I was asleep, my dad was on the computer in my room and was listening to a song.

Somehow I thought it sounded familiar…
The song sounded familiar…and the voices sounded familiar too…

Then it clicked. “At Least I Still Have You” by Super Junior-M.

Immediately, I jumped out of bed to see my DADDY WATCHING A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE OF SUPER JUNIOR-M PERFORMING “AT LEAST I STILL HAVE YOU”. Whaaaaaaat?!?!?!

Eva: OMG WHAT THE FUUUDGE?! Why the hell are you watching Super Junior-M?!
Dad: D: But I like this song… This video popped up…

Oh my gosh. TT___TT Well he didn’t hafta click on it… Could’ve watched Sandy Lam’s version or any of those other covers. But why Super Junior-M, the group that I practically worship? I’m the fan, not him!

Ahhh, it’s just too weird. Dx I’ve been weirdified.

Then again, I guess I should’ve expected him to at least know the group by name because..xD well, he was the one who ordered my albums for me. And I keep my album and folder next to my bed. :D <3

[If you’re wondering about the speakers: I listen to lullabies everynight.]

^^; Yeah, sometimes my dad spends the whole morning watching Youtube videos on my computer… He plays the songs pretty loudly and I got used to it so usually I sleep through the whole thing until he wakes me up or turns the TV on.

But I guess I listened to “At Least I Still Have You” so much that I could recognize it in my sleep. T.T Literally.  -is shot- ♥


Today’s been the strangest day.

My mom…got highlights. What the heck.

She got HIGHLIGHTS?! I don’t even have highlights and I’m the teenager of the house! [Not that I want them anyway.] Dx Ahh, this is too weird. And I’m weird enough to provide all the weird I should go through in one day. My mom is really…the typical Asian mother who thinks almost everything modern/trendy is trashy. And she got highlights. .___. Before me.

Today I went shopping with my parents in hopes of buying new shoes, but alas! My dreadful task has not been fulfilled. -falls down dramatically-

[T.T And there was this one pair that was reaaally cute and I tried it on, but it didn’t suit me at all ’cause there was a lot of pink on it! When my dad saw, he TOTALLY CRACKED UP. TT______TT I’M A GIRL! I can wear pink too! Wahhhh…! >__< Stupid Eva! If only you bought more pink things and wore more pink the past few years! Then I could wear pink with no problem!]

Anyway, we were at this one Asian store and the lady working there was like, “WAHHH your daughter is so tall!” and omggg >____< I don’t even know her…
Her co-worker joined in and they were all, “Ahh, she’s so tall! She can be a model! How is she this tall?!” blah blah blah blah blah!

-absolutely dies-

I’M. ONLY. 5’6. DAMMIT. D:

Oh yeah, later my dad told me that she peered down at my feet to see if I was standing on anything before she started praising my height. xD
LOL. >____>;;


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  1. Well, it’s great, but what about additional choices we’ve got here? Would you mind crafting one more post about all of them too? Thanks!

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