Ahhh, yesterday was Comic Con and Kairi thinks she saw Mari. Dx Dude, I’m so jealous. LOL. I wish I could meet you guys.


Anyway, last night I finally made a facebook. =O

My friends all made their’s in, like, middle school, and now I’m becoming a sophomore[eww, sounds old..] and I finally made one. xD I guess I never felt like it. And I was never one to follow fads or trends anyway. I don’t like it when I’m doing what EVERYBODY is doing. Besides, my stubborn Taurus[horoscope] side wouldn’t let me even if I wanted to.

I dunno. There’s something I don’t like about facebook. =/ Something about it makes me uneasy. Not only do I not understand how anything works and feel stupid, but…

I’m the complete opposite of outgoing. Socially-challenged.

>____< Not good with talking to people or making friends… I never can think of anything to say… Always make myself look stupid and uninteresting and awkward… Facebook scares me. I feel intimidated. Inferior.

I’m not like other people. I don’t get along with people well. And people don’t know me well either. Always judging, assuming, discriminating… People used to think I was really scary. Honestly, that really hurt my feelings.

One time, [I hope nobody who had anything to do with this is offended. I’m not upset about it anymore; rather, grateful that it inspired me to try to change.] these two guy friends of mine made a bet. Guy A and Guy B, and they each made the punishments for each other. Sounds normal, right?

Here’s the catch: If Guy B lost the bet, his punishment was… he had to hit on me. As in, flirt with me. That’s how much I’m not a guy’s type. >___> Solid proof right there.

Of course, all the guys thought this was hilarious, and of course they refused to tell me what was so funny… Anyway, when I found out.. I guess it was kind of a trigger. ‘Cause at the time, I was already dealing with, “What the fck is wrong with Eva?” and “Eva, what is your problem…” and “…Are you trying to be cute? ‘Cause it’s not,” and people who didn’t like me and thought I was scary and violent.

Guy A saw me when I was crying like an idiot, and he made his girlfriend[who’s a close friend of mine] apologize ’cause he was too scared to talk to me.

People used to think I was a monster.. but now, I’m just a girl. ^^
T.T But I still have that STUPID temper of mine. Ugh.

Wow, I got really off-track… ^^; Sorry.


Oh yeah, oh yeah! Today my parents went to Oakland[yess I finally convinced them to let me stay home!] and I got preeeeecious recording time~~~ *______* Haven’t been able to record all week and been dying of stress about deadlines and lines.

Bwuahaha! Finished SIX whole sets of lines in two and a half hours! :’D I’m so proud. -is shot- -flails around-

Wheee~ My voice wasn’t too bad today, so it didn’t start dying until the second hour started. xDD I’ve murdered my throat+vocal chords. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I think something’s wrong with my body + my skin got worse. Good night! Sorry about the ramblings!


4 Responses

  1. Lol! Facebook.. I didn’t make one until like.. last week? it’s so confusing so i quit xD aww, why are people mean to you all the time?? Ebah seems like such a nice girl! Whatever *shoots them*

  2. All my cousins have a Facebook~ I never wanted one though ^^; Looked confusing >w<

    Hmph… we shall form a mob against them and attaaaaack!!! Ebah-chan is way too nice to be treated like that~! *glomps*

    Mm… I hope your skin heals soon! (without the nasty bug juice ^o^;;)

  3. hah, I made a facebook, like, a year ago? but I never used it xD

    People are BAAAKA.
    I don’t see anyhting wrong with Evava D:
    you’re awesome and we all know it, so the one’s who are mean to you; BACK OFF OR WE’LL HIT YOU. Yes, I’ma do it from FINLAND. -.-

  4. Facebook seems really difficult, which is why I don’t have one. xD

    People are dumbos. They need to stop being mean to Ebah or I’ll haunt them in their afterlives, since Ruru has shot them. xD

    I’m sure your skin will get better real soon!!! <333

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