Cinderella Complex

Lol I’m bored and blogging for absolutely no reason. ^^

Everybody… needs to start updating more! :DDD I’m waiting for your blogs, ne?

Uh… Anyway, I just finished watching SHINee‘s School of Rock [unsubbed] and this part was like ROFLMAO. :DDDD Okay, so I’m disgusted by the fact that they made these guys dress up as girls, but…you know. ^^; It’s SHINee. They’re innocent. So I’ll just overlook this.
[I don’t overlook when it’s, like, Heechul.]

But oh my gosh wtf they all could pass as girls, I swear… [Except maybe Minho?] And and! xOOO WHAT THE HELL THEY LOOK PRETTIER THAN ME, TOO. Taemin has really nice legs. LOL. The high socks look better on him than they do on me. xD

Taemin…could really pass for a girl. T.T He’s so innocent and cute and his face is, like…xD Normally he doesn’t look girly, but with a wig, he really could pass for a girl. Key looks GREAT ASFILDJLKIL. The first time I saw him I thought he was, like, Sun Mi‘s[Wonder Girls] twin! [In the picture he really looked like her!] If I didn’t know he was Key, I would have believed he was a girl. xO He’s so gorgeous. xDDD

As for Onew.. l-lol… He looks awkward most of the time, but sometimes he’d make a pretty hot girl. =___=;; I can’t believe I’m saying that. They’re all really good at getting into character, though. xD Playing with their hair and their gossiping in the bathroom…

Oh yeah, my daddy finally ordered my SuJu-M “ME” limited edition album yesterday. :D I happy desu. -is shot to oblivion- Squeeeee~ Desk calendarrrr~~

I feel bad about spending money though. =/ I was gonna try to not spend any money during summer, but… Sigh. And I still haven’t gotten my new shoes yet. x___X;; I don’t think anybody’d hire me, but it’d be kinda cool to get a part-time job for a while, huh? I swear, if I can get one, Ima use all my pay just to buy more useless merchandise and have my parents pay for everything else. xD Super Junior-M poster~ I want one. xD But I kinda don’t, at the same time.

Me bored. Dx Life has been boring and aggravating. One mood swing after another. Getting dissed, insulted, discriminated, complained at, squirted water at, lied to, kicked without an apology, and to top it all off, I have to clean up other [irresponsible] people’s messes which they leave in my house. Pisses me off.




Cinderella Complex- Groupdub

Video Description by Lulu[japeysan]:

ahhh i’m on some video uploading marathon DD: I upload too much videos xDD *slaps self for having too much groupdubs* so anyway!! this one came out really really well, it’s amazing how we blend so good!:)
so great job everyone~~

Takahashi Ai– Nami/JPNsinger101
Yajima Maimi– Lulu/japeysan
Shimizu Saki– Eva
Tanaka Reina– Mari/marimari999
Maeda Yuuka– Toshi/rodentofdoom

Mixing- Lulu
once again, I LOVE THIS :D Seriously i loved each one of yours solo lines, the harmonies, chorus, everything!!

Please enjoy~

:D YAY IT’S FINALLY DONE! [Ack. Sorry it took forever to get in my crappy, emotionless lines.] Whooo I love the cast here…^^ It turned out AWESOME. <3

Hm. Looks kinda empty without “waterpixie” next to my name. ^^;


3 Responses

  1. Getting dissed, insulted, discriminated, complained at, squirted water at, lied to, kicked without an apology <—- THAT IS SO WRONG D: NO ONE SHOULD BE MEANN TO OUR WONDERFUL CUTE EVAVA T____T

    btw I loved that groudub :3

  2. Aww Eva… you deserve better than what’s happening to you. *uses magic wand to make Ebah’s future better*

    Eva, your lines were so cute, especially your “Yes Yes Yo’s!”

  3. LMAO!!! ahahahah i loved that shinee thing xDD soo cute
    Anyway :O what?? someone was being mean to Ebah?? I’ll one day go to your school and kill everyone being mean to you :) jk but they should stop!!!

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