In the name of Venus, you will be punished~

xD A-ah… Somehow I hope nobody really read my previous post from last night… ^^;; Ehehe. Mood swiiiiing~ Happens all the time. D:

Sorry for being like that. >___<


Kath (7:12:40 PM): i-i want the suju-m album now..
Kath (7:12:42 PM): LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME

:D I heart you, KathKath! <33
[Would you like me to come to your house and whisper “Hankyunngggg~” in your ear while you’re asleep? ;D]


As I said before, my dad is “babysitting” some friends of mine throughout the week and maybe for the rest of the summer.. [>__< My recording time!!!] I don’t really like to call it “babysitting” though, because even if they are a lot younger than me, I know they’re not little kids. They act like it, but they don’t want to be treated like little kids.

Anyway, one of them did my hair while we were watching a show.
[Oh yeah, we were watching PGSM! ROFL. You know, the Sailor Moon Live Action? Go Sailor Venus!]

:D It’s the ole mirror-in-the-bathroom thing! Yeah!

I just felt like taking a picture because… well, I’ve never done my hair like that before. xD Actually, it’s very rare for me to do ANYTHING with my hair. I don’t tie it up, and I don’t even have a curling iron or anything.

This doesn’t suit me at all. ^^;


6 Responses

  1. I lobve that hairstyle on you! It looks so kawaii and cool!! Ah, I also lobve PGSM ^^ I really want to watch the series again! I like Sailor Luna~ She’s cute haha

  2. Wah. . . Kawaii. Also played piano but only started some time last year. Just wanted to play BGM’s and other Jpop stuff on the piano..

  3. aww~~ you’re so cute~~~ >o<

  4. You look so pretty with your hair up like that!!! <3!!!

  5. aww, how cute ^^

  6. FGBDSXNHGFJ YOUR HAND..! MY HAND IS LIKE THAT TOO WHEN I TAKE PICTURES LIKE THAT XD [the hand that’s holding the camera~] sowwy, random~
    Eva’s just sooo cute D:<3
    Kiki wuvs the way you smiiile ^^

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