Feels like freedom!


After a couple months of fangirlling over a bunch of somewhat almost-old guys, it’s SO refreshing to watch a Hello! Project concert! xD

There’s just something about watching cute, young girls dressed in pink and jumping up and down on a stage that makes you feel all happy and great!

:DD I know I’m really late, but I finally watched the Berryz Kamen vs C-utie Rangers 2008 Spring Concert! ^^ I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I was bored and figured I might as well.

IT IS SO AWESOME. *_____* I didn’t realize it before, but having a Berryz and C-ute joint concert is a GREAT idea, and uwahhh, it was awesomeee… Everybody looks so great, and gosh, everyone’s vocals improved TONS! They’re all so strong now! I really, really like the clothes they wore, too. x]

One part I really liked was “Very Beauty” sung by Risako and Airi. IT WAS GREAT. :D! Everybody knows that Risako isn’t the best singer, but she did really well in this concert. ^^ Although I don’t like how Risako and Airi hog all the solos in the songs of their respective groups, I thought this duet was a brilliant idea.

Before, I always didn’t think much of concerts. But I think it was someone in Super Junior[?] who said that being able to have a concert for a singer is like a dream come true. I think I can see why now.

There’s something about a solo part that just gets to you more than when a bunch of girls are singing together.

Risako sounded strained, yeah, but wouldn’t you be tired if you were her, too? Yet she gave it her all, and that made me super happy. :D The way she’d walk down the stage smiling, looking out to all the fans, and how all the lights would be on her, it makes you appreciate singers more. When Airi came out and started singing with Risako, I dunno, but I thought it was a beautiful moment. xD Am I too corny? Well, whatever. Both of them are really pretty. :DD And then the song “Very Beauty” gives off a really good feel, too, so I really loved this part..

I also like Erika’s strange, but interestingly appealing/amusing performance of “Do Don Ga Don Ondou”. xD And everybody else dancing with her. And the Buono! part was awesomeeeeee. <3

Of course, the Kamen and Ranger parts were adorable and hilarious. :D

xD Yesterday, I finally caught up on Shugo Chara! Ahh, I was so behind! I had last stopped on episode 24. ^^; I watched 16 episodes in one day. LOL. That’s not good for me.

But that made me feel reaaaally good too! :D I love Shugo Chara! It’s an awesome anime and it’s so cute and just makes you feel really good about yourself and your character! ^^

Also, yesterday I was forced to get a haircut. :D I’m the kind of person who rarely EVER gets haircuts, so they’re kind of big deals to me, but yeah. My hairstyle is the same, but 2 inches got cut off, and now I feel so light and jumpy and freeeee~! x]

Uwahh, I feel really good right now.

I think I want to change myself even more. I kind of decided that when sophomore year started, I wanted to change my image.

I’m a really stubborn girl. >____O It’s not that I don’t WANT to do different things, but rather I’m too stubborn and obstinate and am always going, “Oh, but that’s not like me.”

That’s another reason why I love coming online and making friends online. People don’t know me well, so I can express myself in any way I want without having anyone think, “What? That’s so unlike Eva..” or getting embarrassed, you know? And It’s so much easier to make friends online.<3 I heart you guys. :DDD

If I had the money, I’d go on a shopping spree. xD I want new clothes. I want better clothes. I’m always wearing plain t-shirts, always acting shy and plain; it’s no wonder everyone thinks I’m a dork. I’m not well-liked in high school.

I also want new shoes before the school year starts. T.T I don’t own a single pair of converse or vans or any nice-looking shoes. Just ripped-up and dirty Nikes and Sketchers.

In middle school, everyone thought I was the dorky ‘manly’ girl with an attitude, no personality, a REALLY bad temper, hated hugging and girly stuff, and was violent. Half of who I am is what people around me think I am. I’ve always said that. It applies very much to me.

This year, I changed a lot. I still have mood swings, I still think I’m violent, but I’m not that violent anymore… People are finally starting to think of me as “nice” and as a GIRL who likes cute things and singing. I like that. x]

Sorry for the super long, err, not-rant thing. :D


One Response

  1. Aww, I’m so happy you’re happy, Ebah! FREEDOM!

    The Berryz and C-ute concert was awesome, wasn’t it?

    We love you for who you are, Ebah! We all wub you, too! <3 And, I want to see you’re new hair cut! -feels like a stalker-

    I hope you get to go on that shopping spree!

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