Picture Perfect?

Today, Kojiru, two of our friends, and I went to a studio and had a photo session together because Kojiru had a gift certificate. :D

It was awesome. xD Oh my goshh. I don’t usually hang out with my friends a lot; especially during summer because everyone’s busy with SOMETHING, except for me, who sits at home all day fangirlling SuJu[+M].

It was supahh fun. =3 Kind of awkward at first, but omgg this is what celebrities must feel like. D: Except they’re constantly doing photoshoots.. Oh yeah, we did one of the poses like this SHINee pic. :DD

Nyahar. I’ll probably upload a few when we get them. x__X Which’ll take WHAT, TWO-TO-THREE WEEKS?! Dx That’s really long…
[Come to think of it, my orchestra CMEA group picture from April never arrived. .___. Hm.]


Oh yeah, Kojiru was kind enough to save me a clipping of a Super Junior-M picture she saw in the newspaper. :DDDDDD <333

=3 Me happy, yes yes.

But.. it’s a really, really awkward pose. xD Taken from the beginning of one of the “U” dance performances[I think the Music King Awards], when they all have their elbows out and then they look up once the music starts. Their expressions are really LOL. -stares-

Another setback is.. I don’t know where to put it. T.T

I would tape it under my Tsubasa Chronicle newspaper clipping on the wall behind my bed, but that’s my Tsubasa Wall! xD SuJu-M doesn’t belong theree. And I’d tape it on the wall next to my bed, but… xD That’d be so awkward. The wall is completely empty, so the only thing that’d be on it would be a little 3×4″ thin piece of paper.


PS;; YAAAY Happy 15th birthday to SHINee‘s adorableeeee magnae, Taemin! :DDDD

Now he doesn’t make me feel that old! ^^
[I don’t wanna be a noona. T.T]

Oh yeah, don’t diss bowl cuts; I had one for six years.


2 Responses

  1. Ah, I can’t wait to see the pics~! Yeah, I’m the same as you, lol. Everyone gets together except me most of the time xD

  2. woo~ I wanna see the pictures~~~^^

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