Music to my ears

:DD <3 I suddenly felt like blogging after reading Micchi’s latest blog.
Nyahar. Must I really explain? xD Okay, okay, for people who’re new to SuJu.

Super Junior = 13-member Korean boy vocal-band

Super Junior-M = Super Junior SUBGROUP which consists of 5 members from the original SuJu[Hankyung, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun] AND 2 additional non-SuJu members: Henry[<3333] and Zhou Mi. They sing in MANDARIN, hence the “M” in their name. Right now they’re in China promoting their first album.

Yush yush. Understand, yes yes? =3

As for recommendations, hm… Iono because they sing in lots of different styles, but I think one song that almost everyone likes is Marry U. :DDD It’s just sooo beautiful and pretty and cute and the lyrics are so romantic. <3 Wouldn’t you want a boy to sing that to you?! [Cough especially a SuJu boy?]
<–Doesn’t apply if you’re a guy. :D

On a somewhat unrelated topic, a long, loooong time ago, I actually did make a playlist filled with a bunch of songs I like with the intention to embed it onto my wordpress… And, like, when I tried to put it on, THAT’S when I learned that WordPress doesn’t take HTML. xD

Eva’s Playlist

1. Super Junior M – Love Song
2. Super Junior M – The Moment
3. Buono! – Janakya Mottainai
4. Super Junior M – Me
5. Kago Ai – Renai tte Nani
6. Super Junior M – At Least I Still Have You
7. Super Junior M – U
8. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Girls’ Generation
9. Super Junior – Don’t Don
10. Rie Tanaka – Fields of Hope
11. Fahrenheit (ft. Hebe) – Only Have Feelings For You
12. Lydia – Don’t Leave Me Here
13. An Cafe – Kakusei Heroism
14. AKB48 – Shonichi
15. Wonder Girls – Tell Me
16. Super Junior – Marry U
17. Chibi Love (ft. Eva) – Munasawagi Scarlet
18. Fahrenheit – You Know
19. Chieko Kawabe – Shining
20. Check! 3 – Pittari Shitai X’mas
21. WaT – Hana Sakeba
22. SHINee – Noona Is Pretty (Replay)
23. Aa! – First Kiss
24. Berryz Koubou – Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
25. Sia & Kiki – Yubiwa
26. TegoMassu – Boku no Cinderella
27. Sakamoto Maaya – Spica
28. BoA – Shine We Are
29. NEWS – Weeeek
30. Super Junior – Happiness
31. Buono! – Baketsu no Mizu
32. DBSK – Balloons
33. Super Junior – Miracle
34. Arashi – Sakura Sake
35. YUI – CHE.R.RY

[PS;; I forgot to ask this for a really long time, but can somebody please send me 7nin Tengoku’s “Hare Ame Nochi Suki” or reupload the link on the Youtube video? xP]

Whooooo~ I’m bored. But my mic is working now. ^^ <3 Unfortunately I’ve been having a sore throat lately, so… the past few days of recording… Let’s just say I wasn’t able to get much done. =[

AND GAHHHH. >____< Next week… Let’s just say… Well, it’s not exactly babysitting, but my dad’s “babysitting” some of my childhood friends who’re, erm, quite younger than me. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be like that for the WHOLE REST OF THE SUMMER, but if so, I’M DEAAAAAAD. =/ ‘Cause while they’re here, I won’t be able to record.

What else… OH YEAH. I’ve been fangirlling a lot lately. >DDD

Yesterday was SuJu-M’s 100-day anniversary event, and, like, AKLFJWIOSDKLJKLML!!!! HENRY AND SHIWON DID A DUET. IS YOU TRY KILL ME?! <–fake broken English.


So, like, so, like!! Shiwon played drums while Henry played violin and sang! AWISKLFJIOUJIOJLK! <3333333333333333333333333 Congrats, you win the world.

I love Super Junior and their endless talent. x] <3 They’re not just all talk. That’s why I love them. So talented… I love seeing them play instruments. :D Shiwon on drums is hot.

And Henryyyyy~~ and viiooollinnnnn~~~ -dies- AND SINGING. <333333 I KNOW HE CAN SING; I’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR HIM TO SING; WHY DOES HE HAVE SO LITTLE PARTS ON THE ALBUM?! Maybe my ears are just tolerant[this applies for SoHee too], but people say they cringe at his singing, but I think it’s nice. o___o And it’s not just because I’m biased. <3

Please broadcast soon! x3

Ahah, sorry. I can’t do a single post without mentioning SuJu[+M], huh? =___=;; I’ve stopped putting “Super Junior” in my tags… Because people used to ALWAYS view my blog just because I had posts tagged “Super Junior”… And then they leave disappointed because they weren’t able to obtain any information…

I hate that.

This is my blog. Meaning mostly about me? My opinions, my trivial thoughts and desires, my spasms over people I’ll never be able to meet?

Sigh. I’m thinking of removing my “Duet [Magazine]” post… Every SINGLE DANG DAY I get lots of views[in my opinion] on that post because I have scans of Johnny’s boys on there… >____< And really, I want to get views for MY BLOG. Not for the scans.

I also hate getting stupid comments from people who think I’m supposed to be all professional. Like in one previous post I talked about how my aunt was going to make me a Shugo Chara Amulet Spade cosplay outfit and I included a drawing I made? I can’t believe I got comments from people criticising my drawing… Lmao… That’s, like, the most retarded thing ever and the perfect way to piss me off. >____>;; I don’t even need to think; I just delete those comments.
[I also get lots of views on that post ’cause lots of people search “Shugo Chara”. -___-;; I hate it.]

Sorry for the semi-rant.

Oh yeah. TT______TT Earlier this ASDFJKLaWEFIOSKLJ eight-legged crawling thing just appeared in my room, and GOD I FREAAAAKED out and started screaming for my parents.

They took care of it while I was at the other side of the room wailing like a siren. LOL.

Ever since the beginning of time, I’ve had an insect-phobia. -shivers- >__< Especially… those things… but they seem to love me so much… I swear.

Of course, the “bug juice” medicine doesn’t help much.


4 Responses

  1. Ah, arigatou~! I understand now ^^ Thanks a whole bunch Ebah-chan~~!! I’ll check out all those songs you have in your Playlist xDDD *stalker mode* And that would be an awesome cosplay! I’ve always wanted to cosplay something Shugo Chara! ^^

  2. Yush yush. Understand, yes yes? =3 <— aww, Eva you’re just too cute xDDd<33
    Kiki loves Eva~♥

    WhoawhoawhoaWHOA(?!) You actually have my and Sia’s duet there in your playlist? xD whoa -repeating ‘self again O:-

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  4. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! zsqrs and 128shwyxduzkg and 9060 : Sorry, what did you mean?? A??

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