Trivial Thoughts

:D Nyar, look~ I’m updating! xD I dunno. I used to be like, “I blog too much. T.T People are probably annoyed. And if someone goes away for a while and comes back, there’d be this HUGE load of blogs for them to read and then they’ll be like, ‘Oh screw it!’ and never come back.” xD Now I’m trying not to care as much… I’m always blogging anyway… Here, and on xanga… And if there are really people who check this stupid site almost everyday, then I better update, huh? Or else I’d be a hypocrite ’cause I check everyone’s blogs everyday without fail and always want updates. xD
<–Ahah. Probably the longest paragraph on my blog so far? I hate these narrow collumns.

TT_____TT The ‘bug juice’ is really disgusting… I feel really nasty while and after I drink it… -falls off cliff sobbing-

=3 Guess what! I CAN RECORD AGAIN! Yaaaaaaay! ^^ Actually, I had to reinstall Windows and wipe out my whole computer, but at least my laptop and mic are friends again! :D Now Ebah panic over lines, kaythanks.

Right now I’m really addicted to this. :DDDD Ryeowook!<3333

Ahah, I love his voice sooooo much. <3 I was reading my old blogs, so I refound it and couldn’t stop listening to it… I’m listening while I’m typing this… :D

I’m really a bad influence. I’m getting lots of my friends into Super Junior[+M]. :DDD Actually, that was my plan. On my xanga, I plan, by the end of the summer, to have EVERYONE on my protected list know everyone in Super Junior-M by name and face and description! ^____^ I WILL FORCE THEM~

Being as I’m constantly spamming about trivial things and fangirlling over them, it shouldn’t be TOO hard. I already influenced some of them. >D But some don’t even read those blogs. =/ It’s such a shame, because I write things to be read by my friends. They just take one look, “Ah. Eva blogged about SuJu-M again. -clicks back button-”

I dunno. :D I love to fangirl now. It keeps me happy. I was thinking about this lately, and it seems like I’m so different online than in real life? Like, I have mood swings all the time. ^^; And lately, when I blog I’m always just talking about idols I like, etc etc, and nothing else.<3
Honestly, I think I like to show this side of me better, even if I seem like one of those brainless, insane fangirls. :D You wouldn’t like to see Ebah when she’s in a bad mood.

I’m assuming that tomorrow I’ll probably be in a bad mood and I highly doubt I’ll blog, so tonight… I FANGIRL! ^^ Ahh, this’ll be funn~


YAAAY! They did another interview in Hong Kong! ^^ CANTONESEEEEEEE! I love Cantonese!<3 :D Sorry I’m a little biased towards my own language. Gahh I could understand without subs. :DDDD So happyyy~ <3

xD I really can’t believe it. It was already pushing it when they each had Mandarin names, but Canto names as well? xDDD They’re really hard to remember, too. Donghae’s makes perfect sense, though, since “Donghoi” means “East sea”. ^^

:D As expected from the Mandos, Hangeng and Zhou Mi know some Canto! Yay! But their accents.. xD LOL SHIWON. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since he was in that Hong Kong movie with Andy Lau but his accent is reaaaaally bad. :DDDD

xD Both Donghae and Kyuhyun were so cute and funny… Ryeowook didn’t even try. D: But at least he spoke Mandarin. They shouldn’t have resorted to Korean so much, though, ’cause their Mandarin’s getting much better. =3

But the best part is KYAAHHHHH! HENRY’S CANTONESE! <333333333 I love him. :D

Usually I don’t like these fancams ’cause these girls need to give these guys some space, but THIS VIDEO KILLS ME. Dx -flails about-

At 0:22 you’ll see Henry walking out with a VIOLIN CASE. -spazzes- Viooolinnn….
But anyway, more importantly, OMG THOSE ARMS. D: Henry’s got nice muscles~~~~ -spazzes out- I KNOW I’M NOT NORMAL. TT_____TT Please don’t disown me.

:DDDD I was watching clips of Ryeowook singing Leehom’s “Kiss You Goodbye” when it lead me to THIS CLIP of AARON YAN from FAHRENHEIT singing “Kiss You Goodbye”. :D <3333333333

All this time, I forgot how hot/cute Aaron is. ^^ He’s way too awesome. I love this song. Ryeowook and him made me love it. x3


Well, I hafta sleep now. That was too short. >_____O

Kath (11:36:16 PM): i’m getting attached to super junior
Kath (11:39:27 PM): you have seriously converted me

YESSS. >] Another victim.


3 Responses

  1. ^^ Lol, yay for the fangirliness!!! Oh no…. I think….I’m going.. to have to check SuJu-M out now! *goes to youtube*

  2. lol!! Super Junior is so cute! I don’t really care for M though D: I don’t understand~~ T_T

  3. eunhyuk :D + hankyuuuuuung !

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