Bug juice?!

=3 Yesterday was the birthday of a girl whom I’ve known since she was born and consider a little sister, so super happy 12th birthday to her!

Yesterday was also Michishige Sayumi‘s 19th birthday. Happy belated birthday!

And also, yesterday was Syaoran/Shaoran‘s birthday. =3

Remember this boy from Cardcaptor Sakura? Ahh, I used to be soooo obsessed with him. xD I even got my FRIENDS to be obsessed with him! =3 I used to always say, like, how cute he was, etc, etc. xD

And then I started watching Tsubasa Chronicle and I found my soul mate. :DDDDDD <3 Tsubasaaaaa! I’m still obsessed with it, even though I don’t show it as much as my SuJu-M obsession. :D And, of course, I got even more obsessed with the Tsubasa Syaoran<3 than the CCSyaoran. Ehe. Hence the wallscrolls, posters, keychains, wallet, pins, DVDS, etc.

Clone Syaoran. T.T I miss him. </3 I really liked Clone Syaoran… He was too awesome… Reading the manga is too heartbreaking for me now. xD Whenever I read it, I get really depressed. Aaahhh, I’m never gonna finish that AMV.

Anyway, I’m not sure if Clone Syaoran‘s birthday is July 13th also. =/ Usually I celebrate his on April 1st, the birthday Sakura gave him. But, yeah, if Real Syaoran‘s birthday is July 13, then happy belated birthday to him! >___<

[:D I used to collect anime icons a lot. Credits to the people who made these! <3 Not me!]


Today… I went back to that Chinese doctor for my skin after a week of drinking disgusting Chinese herbal medicine. And you know what? Now I have to drink even MORE disgusting Chinese herbal medicine!




EWWWWWWWWWW!!! >______< -cries for life-

Technically they’re dried-up insects, but the word ‘insects’ makes me itchy. -cringes- Ahh, I’m scratching already… I really, really, really, really LOOOAATHEEE insects… Besides, bug juice is easier to say…

But still, it’s still SO NASTY. I’m drinking liquid that’s coming from boiled BUGS! Eww! >___<

Ebah so sad. Sob sob!
Wahhhh…! -crawls into Tamaki corner-


PS;; Oh yeah. Speaking of Tamaki.. SUUUUUUUPER congrats to Vic Mignogna who got the part of Tamaki in the Ouran dub! Gahhhh I’m so happy for him!

It’s the part he really wanted! ^^ He’s gonna be so great at it! Even though I really don’t think I’m gonna like the Ouran dub at all, Vic is gonna be the perfect Tamaki. Just like he was the perfect Fai, the perfect Ed, and the perfect Dark[-melts-].

And Aaron Dismuke is gonna be in it too! Squeeeeee!
[=___=;; I blame Chiichama who got me into voice actors.]

6 Responses

  1. awww, i loove those iconss ><

    Eww, bug juice?! O.O That MUST be bad. xD Kiki feels sorry for Ebabahh<3

  2. Bug juice? …Gambatte!!!! ^^;

    Ah I know! I’m so glad Vic got the part he wanted! Lol, he got all emotional when he told everyone ^^ And I can’t wait to hear Aaron’s voice since it’s gotten deeper xD

  3. Eh… bug juice?!? Like Michigo said, Gambatte! You can do it! *waves a flag* EBAH! EBAH! EBAH!

  4. TT___TT Sankyu everyone.<3 It tastes reaaaaaaally, really nasty. x___X;; And I kind of have an insct-phobia. -shivers-

  5. but! but! but isn’t clone syaoran evil?!!? D:
    they have to make more episodes~~~!
    o__o bug juice… i’m sorry that you have to drink that! T__T
    congratulations to sayu, clone/evil syaoran, and Mr. Vic Mignogna-san! :D <3

  6. Bug juice…..T-T sounds…so…scary…

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