Happy KathKath Day!

What’s KathKath Day, you ask?
Why, it’s no other than my SUPERAWESOMEBELOVED twinnie, Kath‘s birthday! :DDDDD I LOVE YOU! <3

This girl is seriously the awesomest, bubbliest, adorablest, prettiest, funniest, and interestingest person ever. :D I’m superly proud to call her my ebil twin. ^^ [Sh’yuh huh, I’m teh good one~]

Nyar. Surprisingly, we actually met online because she stalked my xanga >__< Hahah, okay, no. She found it because I wrote on my About Me the name of my middle school[it was two years ago] and she went to the same school. And then a while later, she actually found me at school o____o It was a weird first impression. To me, she was “that one sixth grader with a chipmunk face”. And the first thing she said to one of my friends was, “:D I like your bed.”

Soon, she became my partner in crime, Princess Shabalabadingdong, chippymunk girl, and my yin-yang evil twinnie. =3 Ah, the memories.

She also has ONE OF THE CUTEST VOICES EVER. >__< One that can match up to Tsugunaga Momoko’s! [At least to meee.] Nyahar, I’m gonna be self-centered and say that I’m proud to have been the one who got her into dubbing. :D And one of the first to hear her lovely singing and do duets with her. [Her yt]


Anyway, Chii[yt] and I wrote/sang her a song. =]

Song title: Kath’s Happy Birthday Comes
Vocals: Chiisana and Eva
Lyrics: Chiisana and Eva [except the “Happy Birthday Comes!”]
Instrumentals used:
“18 ~My Happy Birthday Comes~” by W
“Miss Love Tantei” by W
Rap [lyrics/vocals/instr editing]: Eva
Harmonies: Chii

The video consists of every single picture that Check! 3 has ever taken together in chronological order, and a really cute picture of Kath at the end. :D [Look! Spoilers for our 2nd MV!]

Lyrics are under the cut. :D –>




July twelfth, everyone,

Dreamed that a miracle would be born,

And she was, a beautiful wingless angel,

Fulfilling wishes



You bring smiles and happiness

To everyone no matter what

You are always there to cheer us up

Now it’s time for your gift of

Everlasting happiness!


When you look up into the star-filled blue sky

And you see that bright shooting star

What is it exactly that you wish for?

We’ll wish for you a happy birthday!


When you feel sad and lonely, we’ll definitely be there!

We’ll dry your lonesome tears and embrace you forever! 



Even though, sometimes,

You say weird things that we don’t understand,

That’s okay; we will listen anyway

You’re perfect just the way that you are


Hey, even though, sometimes,

You don’t even turn in your lines for months,

That’s okay; we will wait anyway

We will always wait for you

Checkku! 3 is forever~


It’s nice to think about dreams coming true

What dreams that you may have, we will stand

Right here by your side, to lend a hand

Just count on us to help any way we can


Before you were born, none of the flowers wanted to bloom

You bring so much warmth and endless joy

Just like a shining sun


It’s already been fourteen years since you came to this Earth with your bright, warm smile

Life for everybody would have been so different and dull without you here

Believe it

After all the times we’ve been through you’ve become a person our hearts hold so dear

Now we hope you understand: our thanks and love for you are so clear

We love you, Kath!



Now your dreams

Will come true

Just leave your sadness behind

We’ll be here to smile with you forever as



Fourteencandles… Will be waiting for you

Just like the, thirteen were last year

Lots have changed, but… We. Still. Love. You.


Hey, those rainy, dark clouds will all go, away someday

And together, we will watch the eternal rainbow upon us

Always and Forever


4 Responses

  1. Happy belated birthday, Kath!!!

    I loved your song, Eva! The lyrics were really sweet. The Check! 3 pictures are so cute, and the picture of Kath at the end is super cute!!!

  2. aww this is so cute!! happy birthday, kath!(again) haha 2:08-claire’s? xDD You guys are really pretty :)

  3. ;______; Aahhh, I’m gonna cry again, Evahhhhhhchaaaaan !

    *squishyhuggles* I’m haaaaaaaappyyyy !

  4. awwww that’s suuuuuper sweet~~~~~ ^^

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