At the Beginning

Dx I haven’t been able to update lately. But I have a good reason. I won’t try to explain it, though, ’cause nobody will get it. xD

Ahhh, everyone needs to blog more often! D: Everyday I go down my blogroll and I’m always like this, “I hope they upda–aww. -clicks back button and goes to next blog- I hope they updat–aww.” ^^; It goes in circles. Sucks.

Nyar. What’s been new lately?

Okay, nevermind. :D I’m pretty pissed right now. Why? This one thing I did, I sang EVERY SINGLE NOTE out of tune ’cause I sang acapella. >__>;; And I can’t redo any of it because… my parents are home. I hate hearing myself out of tune… Makes me cringe and pisses me off…

Another thing is that my hotlinkfiles account got ALMOST ALL MY FILES DELETED? What what what?! I hafta reupload everything?! It went from 60+ files to 3. I don’t even know why!

Third thing is a pretty general thing, but I owe so many lines… >____< Summer is supposed to be my 5/5[Five hours a day, five days a week] recording time, but my dad, like, NEVER LEAVES THE HOUSE. The whole week, he finally only left today for 40 minutes.

Fourth thing, my mic is not working. And I don’t know how to fix it.

Fifth thing is that I HATE YOUTUBE. No details.


Oh yeah, happy belated birthday to Super Junior‘s girlyman, Heechul! And happy birthday to Kato Shigeaki from NEWS!


Yesterday I went to Chiichama‘s[yt] house to record something that urgently needed to be finished. ^^;

That.. has never happened before. >___O She lives a city away, so my parents consider it ‘far’. This was our sixth time meeting in person. xD [For those who don’t know, we met on Youtube.]

While we were waiting for me to get picked up, we recorded a couple random duets. One of which were “At the Beginning“.

At the Beginning – Chii and Eva

I had the girl’s parts and I tried to do the harmony, but I failed.

Chii had the guy’s parts, and she has the cuter and prettier voice. ^^ Future Broadway singer, anyone? It’s no wonder she got Sandy[lead girl] in a Grease musical.
Halfway through, she got lost. o___o So… you’ll hear a lot of my voice. However, her mic was somehow turned up louder than mine, so in the parts where we sing together, you can hardly hear me.

^^; Because we sang this after a few hours of recording, both our voices go scratchy and crack a couple times.

Uploaded mostly because of the dialogue that happens at the end.


3 Responses

  1. Lol, I find it funny– I limited my blogs to twice a week cause I thought I was being annoying with my almost daily blogs ^o^;;; But I’d also like to see more blog updates, it’s really nice to hear everyone’s feelings. Aa, ii na…. I can’t record with someone in the house either >.< And the duet was beautiful!!!!!! I’m so jealous with both of your beautiful voices!!!

  2. Wah, I just finished listened your guy’s singing, so kawaii~! The singing is amazing, and when you two mess up and stuff I squeed from the kawaii~ness >w< Make more when you have time, ne? ^o^

  3. waaw, Evava, you somehow sound.. different? :o but cute as always~ your voices blend good togehter!
    And I love the emotionn T____T
    I really like your singing styles~~
    The dub is seriously way too cute o___o<3

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