100 [Vlog]

Look, it’s a [really long] vlog! D: Please don’t look at my face.


T.T When I sing guy songs without listening to music, I ALWAYS sing in the wrong keys. So every single note in here is completely out of tune.
‘Cause basically, guy songs are always in such low and awkward keys… so my mind remembers them differently. D: This doesn’t only happen to me, right? I can sing in tune[and in time] when I’m listening to the music! >____< I wanted to redo, but my parents came home.

…^^; I bob my head when I sing. Sorry.
[Also, before anyone asks, yes, that’s a PPG blanket. Dx]

My Korean + Mando are really bad. I wasn’t lying. xD I screwed up on the rap. And my [speaking?] voice was scratchy. The video itself is really awkward. >___< I didn’t plan ahead because I didn’t wanna waste my home-alone time.

Try not to burn your eyes and ears off, ne? =3

Eva + One-shots = Utter FAILFAILFAIL.

10 Responses

  1. NOOOO!!! The video is unavailable. >.<;;;;;;; Ebah, you are too pretty! I’m jealous…

  2. ahhh~~~~unavailable~~~~~ ToT I really want to watch it~~~

  3. Yeah, unavailable >.< I wanted to see it too ^o^

    Your voice is so cute and pretty~~ :o
    AND I loved yor face somewhere at 00:19 xD so CUTE<3

  5. Yay, it’s working!!!

    -dies of envy- Ebah, Ebah, Ebah… you are seriously one of the cutest things EVER!!!!!!
    I agree with Kiki, I loved your expression when you said, “That and the fact that my mic isn’t working.”

    I loved your vlog! Your are pretty, talented… GAH! Face it, you’re perfect, Ebah! <3~!!!

  6. KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE YOU’RE FACE! You’re are so pretty! and you have pretty hair! and i love your singing! and you have like no accent!! :DD <3

  7. YOU’RE ADORABLE ! :) *squishyhuggles* So innocent and cute and OOOOOO: ! <33333333 !

  8. yay~~~~~~~~you are so cute!! O_O
    and just like everyone already said~ you’re expressions are super cute!! and awww I LOVE your mandarin!! so cute…I ran out of words now…can we have more vlog from Ebah~~~ please~ OwO

  9. Yatta~! Ebah-chan, KAWAII!!!! *glomps* You are so cute and pretty! Yup, I’d like to see more vlogs from you ^o^ Onegaishimasu~~

  10. hi!

    omg your audition was sooo good!

    suck at korean?

    ha! your better than me!
    (and i’m korean -_-;;;)

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