Aa-aahh. I still can’t believe it’s already July. D: How depressing. Lol. July is really depressing. And those days haven’t even come yet. =3 Still, I hate this month.

Today sucked. July sucks, but all these little things make it worse.

This morning was hell. x[ Lots of things happened and I ended up crying my eyes out. :D My parents wouldn’t stop calling me stupid. But I guess I really am stupid. July makes me feel even stupider.

Brb gotta drink Chinese herbal skin medicine. Back. Ugh, that stuff was sooo nasty.

And then my parents dragged me to Oakland[45 min drive] to visit my grandpa and aunt. =_____=;; That was probably the dullest hour of my summer. An hour doesn’t sound very long sometimes, but an hour is still long, especially when you’re bored, you’re around people you dislike, and you’re in a bad mood because of them. I hate going there, but of course my parents don’t mind going… My mom chats with my grandpa and aunt…and my dad reads the Chinese newspapers. And what does Eva do? Nothing. She sits there impatiently and watches the clock.
I was really, really pissed off.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! The first thing they mentioned once I got there was my HEIGHT. RAAAAAAAWR. >____>;;; I HATE MY HEIGHT.
Waaah~ She looks like she got taller!” “She seems to get taller everytime she comes!” “Is she six feet tall yet?

WTF IS THAT. I’m 5’6. 5’6! FIIIIIIIVE’ SIIIIIIX”. Not even that tall!

In fact, I haven’t grown at all recently!! Crap, it’s not like my fault that everybody in my family is an effing shrimp! I’m probably the tallest out of my ‘close’ family. =___=;; I’m even taller than my dad and uncles. It’s so shameful. People are always joking by saying how my parents probably got the wrong baby from the hospital. >____>;; That ticks me off so much.

Then after, they dragged me to their friends’ house. And that was probably the second most dullest hour of my summer. Mothers chatted and fathers chatted. Eva sat there like a potted plant.


This drawing hecka made my day though! =3

It’s Syaoran drawn by Kiki[SilverMoooon]. THANK YOU SO MUCH, KIKI! <3 It’s sooo cute! x3


Happy birthday to Kanon from the J-rock band, An Cafe!

=3 Honestly, Kanon kind of used to scare me, but when I saw him live<3 at Fanime, I thought he was really hot and didn’t look scary at all. :D

[Ehe, in fact, all of the An Cafe members generally appear to be scary’ish at first… except for Takuya, of course. =3 He’s soo cute and gorgeous in person. :D AND NO PIERCINGS!]


6 Responses

  1. uwa~~ just to say that I made a blog again.. ^^;~~

  2. =O Where where?!

  3. Wait a minute, why is your Youtube account closed…? Kikiiiii. D:

  4. Aww Ebah-ba… *hugs* Things HAVE to get better for such a nice person like you.

    Well think about it: You’re tall and really pretty, so you could be a model! And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

  5. awww Ebah~~ like what Namimi-said~~ you’re tall and cute!! I’m serious~ Don’t feel bad about your height or something~ ! 5′6 is great!! you don’t wanna be as short as me…T-T

  6. gah!! I just used my sister’s account =_=||| sorry~~ she forgot to logout~~ =_=

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