Another Rant.

T.T Last night I had a dream that Super Junior-M was doing an interview/show in my city, and it happened to take place at the place where Fanime was. =____=;; I even was like, “This must be a dream..” and checked my calendar, and it had the date marked in and everything.
[After I woke up, just to make sure, I checked my calendar and it wasn’t there. ^^;]

Sadly, I woke up when I was buying tickets, so I never got to see them. >__>;;

Even worse, I was woken up by my dad so he could check my skin and see if I needed to go to the dermatologist today. That sucks so much. My skin was starting to get better, too, and suddenly BAM! I LOOK LIKE AN EFFING MONSTER. I hate my skin.

In the end, he dragged me to some Chinese doctor. >__>;; Previously I had seen American dermatologists who all prescribed applicable medicine, none of which worked.

But now, every day, I have to drink disgusting, bitter Chinese herbal medicine… Life sucks.

I’m actually pretty annoyed right now.

Last year, around the last couple weeks of school [June 2007], an issue came up regarding me and four of my friends, that, well, caused a lot of drama within my huge group of friends…

Everybody really hated us, and everybody blamed everything on us… and thought we were trying to exclude people. We weren’t. The whole thing was misunderstood from the start.

But nobody even listened or understood. When I tried to explain, everything was just denied. Everybody just blamed the five of us for the fact that our huge group was starting to separate into little groups. We didn’t try to seclude ourselves. It really, really sucked. ^^; I cried and screamed a lot.

To be honest, out of the five of us who were blamed, I had to deal with the issue the most. Because I was close friends with some people who were ESPECIALLY offended by this issue. So it was really hard on me…

Last night, the issue was brought up again. -_____-; Seriously, sht. Wtf… Are you kidding me?!

Bringing back an issue that happened OVER A YEAR AGO? It was completely forgotten/dissolved within this past school year, and you’re bringing this up?!

And this whole goddamn thing was misunderstood from the start, and I REALLY HATE dealing with this. I hate dealing with things. I’m not good at handling things like this. I just get really pissed off and start crying. I don’t even want to argue back anymore.

Aghhhhh, I’m just really pissed off right now.


And I’m really sorry to everyone I owe lines to. =[ Especially 7nin Tengoku. </3 I’m kind of mad at myself too..


Btw, happy 16th birthday to Sudou Maasa.


3 Responses

  1. awww…I am not good at dealing with that kind of issue I also think those kind of things sucks….T-T hope you feel better soon, ebah =(

    btw, that pic of Maasa is really pretty~~ ^^

  2. Aww, I know how you feel Ebah. Well about the “not able to deal with issues well” part. I really hope things get better for you~!

    BTW, there’s no rush at all for 7nin. Take your time. ^_^

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean >.< I hate it when I’m caught up in those kinds of situations. But you know we’re all here for you and if you need backup, there’ll be a BUUUUNCH of people on your side! DATTEBAYO! *hyper*

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