I can’t believe it’s already July.


=O Happy birthday to Super Junior’s leader, the teuk ee teuk ee angel, Eeteuk!


Original Vid Description:

Natsumi Abe- Lulu/japeysan
Yajima Maimi- Eva/ex-waterpixie

Mixing- Eva

*This video is dedicated to Eva.
Her account was waterpixie and a lot of you probably know her, she was like the best tsubasa chronicle amv maker! and had a great voice~~

But she got suspended a few days ago, because youtube was being stupid.
I suck in this dub, but eva sounds really pretty, hope you enjoy it!

~We own nothing but out voices~

This is “Watashi no Koibito na no ni” duet I did with Lulu!

Gahh, it’s finally finished after so long! It turned really nice. =3 Or at least Lulu’s part did. I think I sound annoying. Lol. Like, my high notes are screamed while her’s are smooth, see? And when I try to soften my voice, it turns out all airy. I loathe my first two solos. >] Lulu sounds so pretty. *____*

The harmony turned out great! x3 Especially at “yasashiku shite”.

But anyway, gahhhh..! >___< Lulu… thank you so much… -touched- Thank you for writing that on the video description and “dedicating it to me”. <3

And also, the video. xD TSUBASA CHRONICLE OMG! <3 Totally loooove it. :DDDD And the Miyabi-ness? Yay! She’s so pretty. Hahah, and there’s even W at the end! Kago! Tsuji!

But what REALLY surprised me was the Super Junior. xDDDD <33
Love love love! But too random! xD


Syaoran, who I was obsessed with for a couple years, and Henry, who I’m practically obsessed with now… Seeing them both in one video is too much for me. Dx

Thank you. =] This video will make me smile every time I watch.
[Please leave a comment here? =3]


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  1. hi..just wanna say happy birthday to you..hope you don’t mind..godbless

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