La la la~

OMG! *_______* My dad was watching a Mandarin show outside with a reaaaaaally familiar tune, so I immediately ran outside and you know what it was?!


LOLLLLL. It was really Lalala Shiawase no Uta, C-ute‘s song. And they rewrote it in Mandarin?! And played it on a Mandarin show? That’s awesome/funny. xD


I heard Mikan playing so I ran outside, and I SEE TSUNKU‘S FACE.


Is this H!P related?! Is this like another H!P Eggs Taiwanese audition or whatever? I don’t know anymore! GAHHHH. T.T My dad tried to explain, but he only made it worse.
This is like American Idol, except it’s Taiwanese. This show is copying a Tsunku-produced Japanese show which is exactly like it.“]

Are you sick of me blogging almost everyday, yet? =3
[Nyarr, ’cause I don’t caree! :D]

x_____X Last night…in my dream… I made a ‘new’ Youtube account and was able to keep the username “waterpixie” and my channel, but the only catch was all my videos were deleted.

That’s how sad my life is. xD
But, ah, if only it were like that. T.T I can’t really think of a new username where I can still keep the ‘waterpixie’-ness… And ‘waterpixiee’ was already taken…T.T;
[Plus the fact that that person hasn’t signed in for two years really ticks me off, ’cause I really want that username, dangit!]

Blah… yesterday I spent approximately 5 hours sitting here on my ass, mixing Kare no Kitchen, the LAST song of the J-unior SWEET Team S mini-album that needed to be completed.

Today I spent about 2 hours, and I FINALLY FINISHED IT! -beams-

x3 It was a paaaaaaaaaaain in the ass though, because there were so many choruses… =___=;; The song hardly had any solos… and in every chorus ALL 10 girls sang together at every part. That. Really. Sucked. For. Me.

Mixing is a real pain in the arss, especially if you do what I do.

After importing all the tracks+instrumental in, the first thing I did was line them all up so that the first lines were all matched up and in time.

Then I went through every track for quality control. Silencing and deleting all the parts where the person didn’t sing, leaving the mic buzz or background sounds or sometimes even the instrumental because they didn’t record with earphones, which they should have. D: Also, I delete all the little clicks that’re made in your mouth.

Then volume. Trying to make sure there’s about an equal amount of everyone at every part?

After, I listen to every track and silence out all the parts that are out of tune. One bruised apple can ruin a bunch.

Then the reaaaaally time-consuming part starts. x____X This part drives me nuts. Timing.
I find a person’s track where I think they’re probably pretty close in time and I time it with the music.

And one by one, I time every single other track to match exactly with the first-timed track. Every single syllable. That takes up so much time.

Gives me a headache too, when there are lots of tracks, AND there are lots of parts where everyone sings together.

I’ve seen other people mix and heard other peoples’ mixings, and most people don’t do what I do. .___. Sometimes I’m too much of a perfectionist.. It’s a pain for me…

But I think.. even if the singing is OUTSTANDING, and the mixing is off..? It kills it. Especially if the timing is off. Quality is important, so I try to put in at least a little effort when I do this… Maybe it’s just me…

Last night, I finally watched the last episode of First Kiss, a Japanese drama. xD I cried once and almost cried another time. Nyar.

Honestly, I liked this series. =3 Lots of people think it’s “okay” because it’s not heart-throbbing or hardcore and doesn’t have a totally complicated and deep plot.

But I really liked it. It was light and cute, and Mio’s personality was interesting and refreshing.

I started watching Proposal Daisakusen. :D I love it so far.

YAMAPI[Yamashita Tomohisa] from NEWS is the main character. OMGG! <33 He’s not my favorite member of NEWS, but I really like him anyway! :DDD Even if the plot sucked, I might have just watched it for him. He was suuuper cute/hot and rocks at his character, Iwase Ken.

And OMG Hiraoka Yuuta is in it, too! <3 The cute Yuki-sensei from First Kiss! :D Yaay.


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  1. haha~~ I think that is the H!P audition in Taiwan~ XD They are holding audition to find girls to join H!P and it’s just like what they do in Japan~ ^^

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