Fly, fly, the butterfly~

Before I start rambling, I’d like to send my birthday wishes. =3
Why? Because you can never have too many people wish you a nice day for at least one day of the year.

 Yesterday was the birthday of Wonder Girls‘ mandu and my personal favorite member, SoHee! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY! =3

Happy 17th birthday to SNSD‘s magnae, Seohyun!

Also, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER happy 13th birthday to one of my fellow fandubbers and friend from Totally Up! Project[Twilight Legend & J-unior SWEET],
MIERNA! :D  [yt/wp]

[Edit;; D: Today is also the disbandment day of Viyuuden.
Good luck to Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, and Okada Yui.]


Nyar. Ebah not in good mood. Ebah currently sane, but at the same time, going insane. Ebah no recommend talk to Ebah because Ebah will get annoyed. Ebah scary when mad. =3 Understand, yes yes?

Agh, I’m tired… Went to a picnic today with my ‘cousins-to-be’. There were airbrush tattoos! ^^; Too bad I’m not allowed to have it on my face.

Everyone else got something like a dragon, or a wolf, or something fierce and cool-like..
I got a blue butterfly! =3

x__X In most outdoor pictures of me, you’ll see me wearing a visor or cap.. Because not only do I have sensitive skin that’ll dry up, redden, or peel after too much sun, there’s this screwed up patch on my forehead that can’t get any darker.
Because of school or whatever the hell I do outside, the rest of my face got slightly darker, so that patch shows blatantly. -___-; Therefore I have to prevent my face from darkening. Which PARTLY explains my pale complexion.

Plus, the visor makes it so that you can’t really see my face! =3

Also, look look! I’m wearing black! xD I dunno. I think I look awkward in black; it’s not really my color. This is one of my only two casual black articles of clothing. The rest are class t-shirts or my orchestra concert attire.


x____X You know, at the picnic…I saw this cute’ish guy that reminded me of Henry Lau? TT______TT I swear I don’t think about Super Junior-M all day, but it’s really swallowing up my life! T.T

The guy, though, his hair was like Henry‘s predebut short hair. He looked like he was my age’ish, but I was taller than him. =____=;;
Oh, the woe.
[T.T RAWR. Even when I’m dwarfy, I look tall!]

 Henry Lau 24

Anyway, SuJu-M‘s really become a big part of my life. T.T I swear God got me interested in SuJu-M so that I’d have something to keep me sane everyday of the summer[and just everyday].

Didyouknowdidyouknow? T.T That one day I went on a trip to Yosemite, I actually MISSED Super Junior-M? I don’t know WHY! I don’t even miss my friends when schoolyears end! Besides, it was only one day! My brain is so much more messed up now…

And you know…everynight before I go to sleep, I say ‘good night’ to my album and folder… That’s how much I really need a life… x_____x;; -crawls under a rock-

T.T Henry has steered me so wrong. He’s shown up in THREE of my dreams! The first three dreams I’ve ever had in my life that included a person I don’t even know in real life!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately..
Honestly, I think, though, Henry is really just an idol to me, even if my brain constantly forgets that. If he weren’t famous and I met him in real life, I don’t think I would like him.. Not even as a friend.

Because in off-cam and predebut pictures, he’s always, like… I don’t know. Wearing baggy clothes and being sort of ‘gangster’-ish? I don’t really like that…

I also heard that predebut, he was a showoff/flirt/pimp. ^^; That was such a turn-off.

I don’t know how his true personality is now, though, even though he still sort of dresses..ehh… but he shares a room with Ryeowook, and they seem to get along sooo well and are so sweet towards each other.

Also, I heard during some interview, Hankyung did say something like, “When we first arrived in China, we were all so tired, but Henry kept saying, ‘Ge ge, don’t sleep. What’s that? ‘” and wouldn’t stop asking about the sights. For an off-cam moment to be so cute, gahhhh. I have reason to believe he’s innocent and adorable.

But speaking of Henry, ZOMGGG! LOOK.



Ahhhhh, I feel so horrible about fangirlling over a boy while he’s talking about a terrible natural disaster. =/
But bless their hearts. <3 They’re so good-hearted and generous, doing those charities, etc. More of a reason for me to love them.

Ah, I’m going at it again. Somebody stop me.


10 Responses

  1. I think you look really nice in black! ^^

  2. I agree with MIcchi-chan, you look really pretty in black! I love your airbrush tattoo!!!

    *puts hand up* STOP EBAH.

  3. eew SoHee~ JK D:
    ah, i guess, but no one will know o__o;; i’m mean xD

    and I agree with Micchi and Namimi~ You look beautiful in black :)

  4. ang ganda ma sobraahhhhhhhh so hee

  5. anyong haseyo unnie

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