You’re not going to shoot me for making two blogs in one day, right? ^^; I wanted to send my birthday wishes and my last entry was starting to get long’ish…

Happy 22nd birthday to Matsuura Aya!

Ayaya! =3 Hope you revive the Elder Club and maybe even GAM?

Aaand super happy birthday to my friend Tina! <3
:DD Known her since elementary, and became friends the first day of sixth grade. The first chair violinist and my stand partner in orchestra. Awesome girl right here. :D
[Plus she helped translate some Mando parts of SuJu-M interviews. :DDD I totally love her.]

.____. This post looks so empty…OH I KNOW!

[Cr: symbelmynne]

LOOKIE! Jonghyun[+ Onew] from SHINee singing “So Sick”. Omggg! <3 ^^

I hella freaked out when I saw this last night. xD And I would’ve favorited it too if my Youtube account was still alive… >______> –is not bitter

Anyway, Jonghyun sounds AMAZING. Such an awesome singer and definitely the best in SHINee. Such a strong voice. D: And the fact that he’s singing an ENGLISH song makes me happy. Plus I actually know this song, and I like it…

His pronounciation’s pretty good. =3 For a full-on Asian, at least. ^^; I think I’m underestimating him, though.


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