So, like, about two weeks ago, my dad told me that we’d soon be receiving a package because he apparently ordered something online. Jokingly, I asked, “Oo oo! Is it for mee? :D” and he was like, “Uh-huh.”

I didn’t believe him at all. He’s the type to joke.

Besides, all my life my parents never buy me surprises. xD Not even when I was little. I only had a lot of toys because they took me shopping a lot and I was spoiled. That’s why for Christmas and birthdays, I always asked them to surprise me.

Today, my dad walked into my room with this huge grin glued on his face and something behind his back and was like, “Your surprise is hereeee~ :DDDD”



Truthfully, I don’t like the English dub[except for Vic as Fai!] but I want to collect them. I already have volume 1 and the collector’s box for the DVDs. =3 So this makes two!

Gahh, I’m so happy. Lol.

My dad actually did something right. :D Even that part is super surprising. Actually, right now there are only THREE things my dad knows I like: Tsubasa Chronicles, Fahrenheit, and Super Junior M.

^^;;; And he usually does fail at surprises/gifts…
[Ugh, I’m reminded of the Barbie gameboy game my dad got me for Christmas in SEVENTH GRADE. -pretends to puke-]

Look at all the awesome Tomoyo-ness. =3 I like her. She’s so pretty. I loved her Japanese voice. It was so soft and smooth and pretty. I didn’t like her dubbed one.

Tomoyo was a character I liked a lot in Cardcaptor Sakura, too! I can relate to her so much[sorta]. :D
Long black hair, likes to sing, is the ‘camera-person’ out of friends, likes to dress people up, and likes to have others confide in her.


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