..was the username of my dead Youtube account.
R.I.P. Feb 2006-Jun 23, 2008

T.T Sorry I’m making such a big deal out of it, but my Youtube account was super important to me, and I’m a crybaby… Well I haven’t cried over the suspension yet, but I did cry last night ’cause I was so pissed off at the fact that there was nothing to eat in my house. ^^;; And I like to eat a lot after things happen..

My theory has always been: If you’re goint to do something unhealthy to your body, it might as well taste good.
I don’t get why people cut themselves. They’ll regret it.

Well…I made my account in February of 2006…over 2 years ago…

In late May, 2006 I uploaded my first videos. =3 Which were videos of me and my friends’ sleepover karaoke[xD “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson!] and pillow fights. .___. Of course, the pillow fight video then led to a sixteen-year-old messaging me saying, “You girls are hot. Wanna hook me up?” and I put all my videos on private immediately after. Rofl.
Mind you that we were only 12-13, so 16-year-olds were creepy.

Youtube was where I was inspired to start making AMVS…and I would soon upload–ah, I don’t even remember the number anymore–maybe 50’ish AMVs within the next two years?

Youtube was also where my interest in singing and voicework broadened, where I was inspired to sing, and started learning and singing in Japanese.

=3 Late October of 2006. My first fandub: For Fruits Basket.

LOL I used to get HELLA flames. Lots of comments saying, “You sound annoying; don’t sing anymore…” “My singing is better.” “Your voice is too high…

But now I get complimented? x] Of course, none of those compliments are too true, but it means I’ve been accepted. <3

Youtube was where I made so many friends.

Lots of the people reading this right now: I probably met you through Youtube or fandubbing, isn’t that right? You guys are the awesomest.<3

I also met Chiichama[ChiisanaChanx3] two years ago through Fruits Basket fandubs. [She was using another account though.] I had no idea we’d meet each other in real life and become close friends.

Man, I actually had approximately 414 subscribers…
That’s a great achievement for me. <333

Youtube was a website I went to everyday. In some weird ways, it was like my “escape” sometimes because I made friends there MUCH easier than I do in real life. ^^; I’m seriously socially-challenged.

Even out of my friends, I was considered the Youtube freak. xD

In the middle of eighth grade[2007], my friend Kojiru[kojirurules] had her account ‘michirurules’ suspended. She was mad about it and wanted to sue Sunrise, but shook it off and jokingly said,
Well at least it wasn’t Eva! When Eva’s account gets suspended..she’s gonna go EMO! And start wearing black everyday!

^^;; Let me explain? I don’t wear black a lot. It’s always been like that.
Before high school started, I barely owned ANY black clothing at all! Just maybe one or two t-shirts. Even to this day, most of my items are blue or white or colorful. xD

Well, good night. D: Time to let go.
I really have no life, huh? xD

4 Responses

  1. I really like watash no koibito na no ni! you did really good! I went so off tune -__-
    And I’ll always have a grudge against youtube for suspending you.

  2. Youtube must die. xD

    Ebah-chan, be strong!!!!! Ganbatte kudasai~! <3

  3. Curse you Youtube! LET’S ALL SUE!!!! ^^ We all support you Ebah-chan!

  4. Eva-cchi <3 this doesn’t mean that everyone will forget you, everyone are will waiting for you ;D

    people will keep to support you~


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