xD I’m meltingg~

Eva (9:40:29 PM): ^^;; SuJu-M.
(9:41:55 PM): suju who?
Eva (9:42:06 PM): M. :D
(9:42:17 PM): and that is…?
Eva (9:42:31 PM): a Super Junior subgroup that sings in Mandarin.
(9:42:40 PM): omg
(9:42:42 PM): LOL
(9:42:47 PM): youre so fob

Eva (9:43:15 PM): lmao
Eva (9:43:20 PM): gee, thanks. xD


Gahh, this sweltering heat is going to destroy me. Dx

It’s so hot. T.T I couldn’t sleep at all last night and woke up with my head full of cuss words. Hahah. I was so mad this morning; I wanted to blog and cuss my brains out. Luckily, I’m doing good now. =3
Soompi makes me happy. :D Zhou Mi has soo many fans now! x3 But I’m going crazy; I just backtracked 200+ pages. ^^; I’m a lurker though.

Anyway, some bad’ish news for me?

Thank the Lord my voice is getting better, but my mic isn’t working again… But my voice is getting better! :D As for my Korean, it is not. Well, maybe a little, but it still STINKS.

2.) T.T Tomorrow is Ryeowook‘s birthday. [Well, it’s today in Korea, but that just confuses things.]

It’s not exactly bad news, but..D: I wanted to make a huge birthday blog and picspam Ryeowookie all day tomorrow!

And you know what? >___O All of a sudden, we’re going on a last-minute-planned trip to Yosemite tomorrow. I guess it’s exciting because, well, I’ve stated before that I never take risks. The same goes with my family and we almost never do anything without planning it, like, A THOUSAND years in advance.

So probably tonight I’ll work on Ryeowook‘s birthday post and publish it after midnight?

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