-spazzing out-

1.) YAAAAAAY! MY MIC WORKS NOW AND I CAN RECORD! x3333 One deadline has been completed! Bwuaha~ ^^ Now just a bunch more to go. -runs around flailing arms-
[Too bad my voice is still dying, thoughh. TT__TT]

2.) D: My parents were watching a show with WU CHUN from Fahrenheit…AGAIN! :DDDD
My dad called me in and was like, “Do you know this guy?” and I was just like, “Yeah, he’s Wu Chun.” …OMG IT’S WU CHUN! DDDDx

AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! He was speaking CANTONESE! -is shot- Nyaaaaahhhhh~ He was speaking Cantoneseeeeee~ T.T And I understood it all.
When did he learn Cantonese?! He’s pretty good at it. D: My daddy says he’s currently filming a CANTONESE movie/drama. Wowsersticks! I wanna watch that when it’s outtt..

3.) ^^; Today I was so bored that I gave in and made an account on the Soompi forums. Rofl. And it’s keeping me suuuper entertained. x3

Ah. My computer’s going to explode from saving so many Super Junior-M & Henry pictures.

It’s almost Ryeowookie’s birthday. =3 I’m ready to picspam.


PS; Happy 35th birthday to Nakazawa Yuko! :D


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