Oh, wowsersticks~

I had such a strange dream last night! :D
Basically, I was reading a Chinese newspaper and it said that
Yeah, I was just, like, totally shocked and angry. They didn’t mention who she was and said they’d do it in the next issue, so I went to pester my dad to buy it. Then my dream ended.

It was weird .__.

I mean, I’m happy to be able to see Mochiiii<3 in my sleep, but… T.T I hated this dream.
-is shot for being a hopeless fangirl-


So I guess today was the last day of school.

I really don’t feel anything about it. Neither happy, nor sad.
Just, I’m going to be a sophomore soon… Freshman year went by too fast. I don’t even remember doing anything in the months of March and April. Nothing. I have to reread my blogs to see if those days existed.

I wanted to take lots of pictures today, but I only got a couple pictures of me and my science class buddies. I don’t have much to remember this day by.

Afterschool, Kojiru and our friend Tina came over to my house, intending to sing karaoke all day, but that didn’t happen. We didn’t really do anything, so I have nothing to show you. [Though, it’d be nice to be able to put up some karaoke videos, since my mic isn’t working..]

Ahah, I spent the whole day teaching these two about Super Junior-M, Henry, Tsubasa Chronicle[anime], Arashi, Fahrenheit, Hey! Say! 7Henry, NEWS, and Henry. :DDD Bwuaha! You can’t resist my influence.

By the way, my voice is dead and even though it’s been really bad for the past 5’ish months, now it’s gotten even worse. I can’t sing anymore..
I’m not just saying this because I’m not good at singing. I just really can’t sing; my vocal cords/throat won’t let me.


Omg I just found out that I have the same birthday as Sun Mi from Wonder Girls. xD So she’s exactly one year older than me. Awesomee. She just shot up my ranks.


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