I guess we aren’t as original as we thought. ^^;

Remember how, for my orchestra yearbook, we each took a “mug shot” [the pictures they take of you when you go to jail?] for our profile pictures?

..xD Apparently, F.T Island did that too.


I was watching their MNet show, “Wanna Be My Boyfriend” or something, and they all did mug shots. ^^; How cute.

Yes, I ss’d this from an English subbed youtube video, so credits are to lovefti and LoveFT-International Subbing Team.


Lulu‘s[yt/wp] having auditions for a Super Junior[+M] fancast… T.T

I. want. to. audition. so. bad. Rawrsssss. D:

But there are a couple problems. ^^; One is, I have so many lines and deadlines… If I made it in, would I have the time to do all my lines in time? And I don’t even have the time to record my audition in the first place. Plus, my stupid mic isn’t working.. [Tomorrow I’m going to Kojiru’s house again to record.]

Another is, omg, my Mandarin sucks. AND MY KOREAN SUCKS EVEN MORE. My Korean just all-out fails.

And another… T.T Who do I audition for?!

I’ve always said my favorite was Ryeowook. So I want to audition for him. But since Henry came into the picture, I don’t know who’s my favorite anymore. And I really, really like Henry<3. So I want to audition for him, too.

People have said before that my voice sounds like it could be the girl version of Ryeowook’s voice. That’s a plus. BUT I suck at Korean, so only singing Mandarin would be great. BUT THEN there’s the fact that I can’t rap for crap, especially if it’s not in English or Japanese.
And Henry hardly gets any parts…

Ahh, so hard…x[

OH YEAH! AUDITION FOR IT if you are a fandubber and like Super Junior! :D Clickie here and read the video description!


Ahh~ Now that I don’t hafta spend all day stressing over the orchestra yearbook, I feel hecka relaxed. xD Back to my old days of sitting here on my ass all day watching videos.

Hm, nothing like last year, mm? =]

Almost everyday, I read my old Xanga entries from EXACTLY a year ago.

Apparently, last year, two days ago was my eighth grade graduation dance… I remember that night… it was a great, yet terrible night.

The day so much drama started. Hahah. I dunno.
From my xanga:


Wowsersticks. ^^;; I changed a lot in a year, but in some ways I’m still the freaking same. Sigh. Middle school seems so far away… those were some good times…
But I cried hella on that day. xD And I still regret us not taking a big group picture. That was one frustrating night.

 Me, one year ago all dressed up for the formal dance.

I hate this picture, though, mostly because of one of the people I took this picture with. I’d burn them, but I’d regret that.

3 Responses

  1. yes I’m still reading your blog ::D
    (cause it’s interesting to read it..)

    :DDD anyway, you should totally audition, if you make it in, we’ll probably have a new release like… once a year because of all the people in Super junior -__-

  3. Even though you said you hate that picture…BUT I LOVE IT!! you are so pretty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

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