Random fangirlling

>__O New personal record. Sleeping at 2:30 AM on a Sunday night.

My mom caught me at 2 AM and instead of scolding me with a glare as usual, she knew what I was doing and just pitied me, saying, “You’re still working on that? You poor thing…” <3
If she had yelled at me, I swear, today I would’ve just exploded.

But at least I finished the orchestra yearbook… it’s really bad, though… I didn’t have enough time to do it even though I stayed up to 1:30 every night of the week…

Hahah, all day I was miserable and tired as sht.
It’s so goddamn hot… Summer’s gonna drive me nuts.

Now I’m still tired, but feeling a hell of a lot better. =] Fangirlling always makes my day. <3


[Credit: symbelmyn]


It’s the I Love Korea Dream Concert opening. :D
It starts off with Shiwon playing DRUMS. Omg!<3 I didn’t know Shiwonnie played drums! =O Gahhh everyone in SuJu’s so much more talented than I thought! Oh and you get to see Shiwon’s dimples. :DD And arms! -is shot-
[I heard he was sick, though, so poor guy.. Fighting~]

And Sungmin playing electric guitar?! Squee! He’s super cute. AND RYEOWOOK! playing keyboard!<3 That’s sooo awesome. Ahah, if only Henry could join them on violin~ ^^

They picked the awesomest singers. KYUHYUN! :D And Jonghyunnn from SHINee! <33 I totally love SHINee! Jonghyun was amaazing and is no doubt the best singer in SHINee. And Yesung too! :D Ahah, but I don’t like his haircut much. He looked better and less chubby with slightly longer hair.

Taeyeon from SNSD seems like a good singer ^^ I don’t know anything about SNSD’s voices, but I’m assuming Taeyeon is one of the best being as she’s up there?

AND THEN OMG!!!<3 I absolutely died here.
A bunch of other SuJu hop onto stage and start dancing! It’s so cheery and makes me haapppyyy<33 I love the songs too. ^^

KYUHYUN. =] Looked so happy at the start of the second song. It made me smileeeeee like hell. <3
And seeing him on stage performing makes me even happier… Hahah, sorry. I know it’s been a long time since the car accident, but yeah. x]


Oh and SuJu-M‘s back in China! :D I know the boys are exhausted, but somehow I’m happy to see the ME promotions continue. ^^ [And I’m happy to see Henry!] I hope Shiwon gets better soon, though.


Okay, now I’m just gonna catch up on super old stuff. xD

[Credit: kingthat]

SQUEE! SHINee! <3 I’m so in love with them right now. When the “Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)” MV came back, I seriousy couldn’t stop replaying it. :D

SHINee, SHINee, SHINee…five cute/hot guys that can sing and dance… What’s not to like?

Okay, well, Taemin and Minho get, like, no lines. xD But I know Taemin can sing. Minho, I’m not sure yet. He has a super low voice compared to everyone else. Hahah.
[AND OMGG! D: Most of them can speak Chinese! <3 xD It’s Mando, though, and not Canto. Sigh. But that’s okay. Close enough.]

So..the last time I blogged about SHINee, I wasn’t able to tell who was who, I recall? Ahah, that changed so much. I love these boys.

What REALLY got me replaying even more was their debut performance. That was just absolutely amaaaaaazing. I mean, LIVE?! A LIVE DEBUT. And pulled off sooo beautifully.

[Credit: symbelmynne]

=3 Taemin! Such a good dancerr. xD And he was hecka smiling throughout the performance! IT WAS SO CUTE, omg.

And did you see that awesome mic pass between him and Key before his dance solo? Super well-rehearsed!

Ahah, can you tell my favorite is Taemin? Yeps. He’s just adorable. Haven’t I said before that I have a thing for cute, young, innocent guys? xD My favorites of groups are usually the magnaes.

But I’m two months older than him >___O Does that mean I’m a noona? Eww. xD I’m only 15.. Makes me sound old…aiyoh…


:DDDDDDDDDDD Just when I was about to end the entry, I discovered that SUPER JUNIOR-HAPPY‘S “CooKing? Cooking!” MV CAME OUT TODAY!

Yeppersticks. =3

Despite that none of my favorites are in this group, I like it. Hahah. Lots of people didn’t. Lots of people assumed they were on crack when they sang this.

xD I suppose you could say it is a bit on the high side, but I found it completely normal. o____o I guess it’s because I’m used to girly & hyper Hello!Project stuff?

The MV’s just completely random. xD It’s cute. I didn’t find anything in here too squeal-worthy, but I must admit it’s cute. The beginning and end scare me xDDD

I didn’t really like how they had maids with them, but the main girl in this MV is soo pretty! ^^ I also like how everyone turns into cartoons! :D

Heh. Yesung and Sungmin need to grow their hair out more. Shindong needs to cut his. I like Kangin’s hair here. :D But everyone looks good nonetheless.


Okay, even more old stuff! xD

D: Nyuuu! All the NEWS‘s “Summer Time” PVs were deleted off Youtube! And I can’t embed Veoh. E.E; So click here.

Yaay :D New NEWS single, and I really like it! [Ehe, no offense, but Taiyou no Namida wasn’t really my taste, even though I have the CD..]

I really like this song. It’s cheery, but not TOO cheery, and sounds nice. ^^; I know NEWS isn’t exactly known for their vocal abilities, but they’re not bad.

The PV is awesome too. ^^ I love how there’s lots of Massu screentime! And then the whole pictures and memories theme! <3 This PV was hella made for me. D: [You know I’m just kidding..]

:D I also love the summer and carefree concept. They all look like they’re having fun, and it’s got tons of randomness. [Uweh? Doing laundry?]

Everyone looks really good, especially TegoMassu. =3 Both their hair looks really good here.

Then there’s TegoMassu‘s new single, “Ai Ai Gasa“!

OHMYGODD<3 I LOVE TegoMassu. Always have, since watching Lovely Complex and even though I didn’t know them, I loved their song, “Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~“. I even loved singing that song.

And then there’s the fact that TegoMassu are my two favorites in NEWS. :D And these two are probably the best singers, too!

^^ It’s been so long since TegoMassu released something new. A year. I thought they were a dead temporary group until I found this.

Anyway, it’s a nice song, but not addicting. It’s slow’ish, but pretty.

I liked the PV though. xD The blue’ness appealed to me a lot ’cause blue’s my favorite color. The whole concept is nice. =] “Love love umbrella“. The two cause the rain and the kids develop a friendship/relationship while sharing an umbrella. The kids are cute. The girl reminds me of Murakami Megumi, former member of C-ute.

Both Tesshi and Massu look amazing here. =3 I like both of their hair~ Tesshi’s looking better and better everytime. :D He makes Massu look a little chubby. Hahah. I still like Massu, though he doesn’t make me squeal anymore. x[


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  1. KYAHHH OMG SUNGMIN!!! and siwon… XD after Heechul, Sungmin is my <3333333
    and shut up, Heechul IS cute and i-innocent :DD

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