Random, long entry. D:

Yesterday was Murakami Megumi‘s birthday.
Happy belated sweet sixteenth birthday!

Megumi was a former C-ute member who was fired after being seen with a boy. D: I personally think it was H!P’s loss. Megumi is super cute and can actually sing well. I totally loved her in ZYX’s “Shiroi Tokyo“<3.

Honestly, I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Miyabi. x__X H!P can’t afford to lose another great face and voice.


T.T Today was the I Love Korea Dream Concert and I DIDN’T GET TO WATCH IT LIVE ONLINE! Wth!

I checked last night at midnight just in case and it wasn’t online. Then this morning I checked and it wasn’t online and I continued checking all morning, but noooo. Then when I went to read my usual K-pop blogs, everyone was already talking about the Dream Concert, meaning it was over already. Rawr.

^^; I heard everyone hated on SNSD. That’s kinda sad for them.

And continuing with the K-pop’ness, it seems that F.T Island‘s first anniversary has just passed?
Happy, haaaaaappy anniversary to them! ^^ <3 I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention it here, but I became a biig fan of F.T Island, like, last week or so. xD

I mean, how CUTE are these guys? x3 I love their music, too. You know I had no idea that they were an instrumental-band until I watched an MV of their’s? I thought they were an all-vocal band. But I think that’s super cool. =3

I LOVE their MVs, especially the ones with stories. They’re just so sad[and brilliant..] sometimes. I really like “Until You Come Back” and “Thunder + Only One Person“[MINHWANNIE!].

Two things I didn’t get about “Thunder + Only One Person”, though, is..why did the leader say, “Have you been messing around with my little sister?” if he knows it wasn’t Minhwan..? O__o And how did the girl get the picture of Hongki and the teacher..?

As for my favorite, Minhwan wins HANDS DOWN. I liked him from the start because he’s the one closest to my age <3 But then I found he’s soooooo cuuuteee x____X HE’S ADORABLE! I was actually really surprised to find out he’s the drummer. D:
Cute guy = drummer? Hahah. He’s so cute, though, with those drumsticks.
[Hahah, yes, yes, I have a thing for cute, young, innocent guys.]

I stated before that Jaejin was also an almost-instant favorite of mine, but..that kinda changed. ^^; He doesn’t appeal to me much at all. I like Wonbin. :DDD He’s cute, too! And he singsss. Plus he has this sort of Yesung-like presence.


Okay, nevermind, I was gonna go ahead and fangirl F.T Island a lot more but I’m FOCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.

SERIOUSLY, UGH. What kind of fcking logic is that?! Sht! Stupid idiot! This is why I hate talking to these kinds of people. Fcking pisses me off and they have no common sense at all, oh my god. I swear. I was so happy at the time, too, talking about cute boys but noooo this person has to go and PISS ME OFF.

I’m gonna, like, explode. Sht.


You know, all day my head’s been hurting and I’ve been nauseous? It’s as if I’m getting sick. And then I got a bloody nose today too.

AND THEN. Adding on to that is the DAMN STRESS from this damned yearbook! AND I have to deal with freaking annoying people.

People who have absolutely no common sense. People who don’t give a sht about other people. People who are ANNOYING. Irresponsible people.
People who say they’re going to do something, but don’t do it, and in the end I DO IT and it’s just more work for me. And I can’t AFFORD to have more work because this damn yearbook needs to finished IN SUCH LITTLE TIME.

And yes, I’m talking about multiple people.

I won’t delve into details because I don’t want anyone to recognize their description and be offended, because I haven’t exactly confronted any of these people and told them that their actions are annoying the hell out of me. I act nice to them, which is just more proof that I’m not a nice person. I’m really not.
Makes me wonder why I even have friends.

But now, all those other people are okay, because this ONE person is fcking pissing me off like heeeeeeeell. God. And it’s the same person I’ve indirectly mentioned a couple times before.

YOU ARE GOING TO EFFING GIVE ME HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE WHEN I’M OLDER. I swear Ima pop a vein because you piss me off so much. You use the shttiest logic ever.


Okay, I’ve cooled down now. Man, my room is so messy. =/
My room usually is NEVER this messy, but it’s the end of the schoolyear + I spend all day working on the orchestra yearbook.

Hah, I labeled it too. -loser-


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  1. waah happy birthday Megumi-san! lol i love ft island ^^
    ‘specially jaejin and minhwan haha *also has a thing for young, cute boys xD)

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