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It’s all old’ish news, but these are my opinions.

Zhou Mi:

You probably already know this, but rumors are going around that SM is thinking about replacing Zhou Mi ’cause he doesn’t have enough “energy” on stage and I guess because he isn’t popular.

I am completely against this.
I’m not an Only 13 person, and I’m okay if you add members, but TAKING AWAY members is where it’s messed. EXPECIALLY if it’s Zhou Mi.

You CAN’T put a boy into a band, have him deal with a bunch of selfish fangirls, and then when people are finally starting to accept him, just go and REPLACE HIM. That’s a no-no.

I, for one, totally support Zhou Mi. Fighting!


Super Junior-Happy:

The new Super Junior subgroup, SuJu-H.

I suppose the initial reactions were, “WTF?!! Another subgroup? Where’s Heechul!!111 Why isn’t Heechul here?! >___< NO KIBUM AGAIN?! I hate SM! They’re always leaving Kibum out!1!!shift!oneone!!11

I’d like to say something about this. =]

WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? It’s just SuJu-T singing a different style! Except, they’re including Yesung, the only one left to be active in SuJu-KRY, and giving Heechul a break.

Heechul needs a break anyway. Isn’t he always doing something or another? He’s busy. You’ll see him on shows and in the musical and stuff.
Plus, with or without his vocals, it doesn’t make too much of a difference.

You can’t exactly say that Kibum is being “left out”.
He’s hella busy too; he’s an actor and isn’t he in a new drama? Besides, he may not want to be in the subgroups, and singing doesn’t seem to be his thing. [I’m not saying he’s bad ’cause I personally like his voice, but yeah.]


I Love Korea Dream Concert:
So tomorrow, June 7, [well it’d be today in Korea] is the Dream Concert where all 13 members of Super Junior are finally coming together to perform. I know lots of girls are psyched for that. xP

When I found out that SuJu-M went back to Korea, I was a little disappointed. I know others aren’t because they look forward to seeing 13 together.
But I really love SuJu-M too, I have their album and I look through the photobook before I go to sleep[xD], so I’m a little sad to see their promotions temporarily end.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I like Super Junior 13 too, but iono.. Some people are going overboard. It’s the whole stupid Only 13 thing… Subgroups aren’t gonna kill Super Junior, you know. They’ll always still be “one”.

D: I wanted to watch the Dream Concert live online, but it’s gonna air really late here. TT____TT Or so I think. Ima check at midnight and see.


4 Responses

  1. remember to convert your time.
    the midnight thing is for korea.
    like in texas it’ll be on at 10 am.
    so yeah..

  2. SM did say SJM is a project group and he might add or remove members. That was why ELF was against SJ being a project group because there is a risk of members being added or removed. ELF wasnt fighting for nothing. They didnt want this happen to super junior.

  3. Now I think its better to think how would ELF feel when one of the members being removed and members being added.

  4. I agree, I like Zhou Mi. My Chinese friend hates him because he talks too much and tries too hard to act cute, but I just think it’s an idiosyncrasy of his… it makes him fun :]

    And I imagine Zhou must be pissed by now – first, the fangirls tear him up (figuratively speaking), and now his company is smashing him (again, figuratively).

    SJ-H is cute and their music is too, but it seems… really… gay. Am I the only one who thinks that? They all sound like little kid songs. Addicting, though – especially “Cooking? Cooking!” I can’t stop singing it.

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