Jumping into life

LOL Guess what? I had a dream I was swimming at Disneyland, terrorists attacked, and I died. How sad.


I dunno why the hell I’m blogging. xD I just got used to blogging everyday’ish. I try to hold back, though. But whatever. =3 Gotta take advantage of the fact I’m in a good mood.

=O Today, during PE finals, we did a swimming test. And oh my gosh it was sooo >__< hard.

We tested in the deep end of the pool. Basically we hafta jump in, come back up without holding onto the sides, freestroke swim halfway and then swim on your back the rest of the way.

Oh my god I freaked out SO much ’cause never once in my whole life have I ever jumped into a pool. =O I’m like Ryeowook<3 from SuJu. In episode twelve of Explorers of the Human Body, all the other guys jumped and did flips into the pool, but Ryeowook innocently stepped in. xD I’m like that.

I never take risks.

But I did it. =3 Although I thought I was gonna drown when I was underwater. Blah. But I passed! ^^ And didn’t humiliate myself! I’m so happy. I feel so accomplished.

I can’t believe freshman year of high school is almost over for me. >___< It went by too fast. I really don’t wanna become a sophomore. I wasted the whole year. This is why people say live everyday to the fullest.. In the end, I regret not doing that. I spent half this year all pissy and in mood swings. Rawr.

I plan to treasure the next two weeks.
But I’ll probably stress out and fail. ^^;



OH YEAH! I was at Costco today and the cashier guy happened to be talking to this girl and said something like, “Girls’ average height should be 5’6,” and I was just like,
“*_____* YESS! That’s EXAAACTLY what I need to hear!
-is not super height-conscious-


2 Responses

  1. Yay, Ebah passed!!! *throws confetti*

    I totally agree with you. My freshman year went by wicked fast, too!!! I don’t want to be a sophomore!!! That’s closer to graduation… AH!

  2. Yay~Ebah passed!!!

    5’6”………… T-T

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