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I don’t have much to say about him because I’m not a huge fan of him. =3 But I think he’s underloved.


Oh my gosh I’m sooo tired right now x___X And half-stressing out…heheh. I just wanna drop dead and take a longg nap >___O Too bad I don’t take naps.

Lemme explain to you. Basically I’m an orchedork, if you didn’t know already. Meaning I’m in my school’s string orchestra, and we only have 15 members, which is SUPER little because the other school orchestra has 80+.

There’s only so little of us so we’ve all grown really close over the course of the year. =3 It’s really nice. I love this class and the people in it. We make a pretty loud and decent[^^;] sound for such a small group.

I’ve always been the person who always has a camera. Period.

So I thought, “Well we’ll never have another orchestra like this again, so let’s make a yearbook!” and I thought up a BUNCH of things and kind of took charge of it because I have all the pictures and ideas.

Right now I’m kinda half-stressing out… I need it to be finished by next Tuesday because that’s the last day we have orchestra. [We’re having finals, so the schedule’s different. We’ll have two classes per day, each for two hours.]

Timing is a big problem being as I’m really, really busy.

Finals are NO PROBLEM for me. :D I hardly even HAVE any finals, and the ones I have are suuper easy. -___-; My hardest one was a take-home essay final for English Honors that’s due in a week and I finished the WHOLE thing last night. =3 I’m so very proud. I usually procrastinate. I stayed up, but I finished the whole thing in five hours. No need to worry about that anymore.

During lunch nowadays I go to my Crafts class because I’m reaaaally behind >__< I still have to glaze a slab box and a double-coil pot, AND CONSTRUCT a whole slab clay house. Ugh.

Today afterschool, me and my friends went to my friend Tina’s mom’s office so we could discuss how to do the copying and paper and binding for the orchestra yearbook and prices and stuff. Then we spent 5 hours working on starting it. So tiring.

Tomorrow afterschool I plan on going to Crafts and trying desperately to catch up. Friday afterschool I’m going to Kojiru‘s house and I’ll try to record lines with her mic because mine isn’t working. >___<;;

Oh and here’s my ugly mug shot. ROFL.

You know? The picture you take when you go to jail and you hold your number or something? =3 Everyone took one of these as their profile picture for the yearbook. Hilarious.
Lots of people made faces, but Ebah gives evil a thumbs up. ;D


I really love my orchestra. It’s awesome. I love being in orchestra.

In sixth grade, when I got my schedule and found out I was still gonna be in orchestra[ehe, I forgot I had signed up for it] I wanted to quit and join choir instead.
[I’ve always loved singing.]

My dad wrote me a note and I brought it in and my teacher told me, “Why don’t you just give orchestra a chance? You might like it a lot later on,” so I never gave the note to my counseler.

Now I’m really grateful I didn’t go to choir. If I had left, I think I might have regretted it, since my friends would go on all the Disneyland trips and stuff and I’d probably feel jealous.

I think we aren’t grateful enough.
Like, when we make a choice, and everything comes out okay, we never think that if we had made another choice, we would’ve regretted it. Yet, when you make the bad choice, you regret.

Hm, I’m such a hypocrite. =]


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  1. hehe~ the mug shot idea is super creative!! I love it!!

  2. […] guess we aren’t as original as we thought. ^^; Remember how, for my orchestra yearbook, we each took a “mug shot” [the pictures they take of […]

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