Hah, I wish.

o__o Last night I had a weird dream.

I dreamed that Kago and Tsuji came and visited our school. [Their looks were from their 2005’ish days, though.] Lol. I know, that’s weird. x__X

I can still remember their faces as they peeked into the window of my math class. Hahah.


Happy birthday to Michelle[yt/wp], a friend from Twil. Lgnd/JS!
And my friend Pete who I don’t expect to read this.

Gahh, June has a lot of birthdays too. D: Ready?

PS;; TT____TT My leg is bleeding and it stiiiiings. During English class today, I got hecka blood stains on my fingers from trying to sop up the blood. Stupid. And what’s even worse is that I don’t even know how I got it. Then again, it’s no surprise ’cause I’m constantly bumping into things.


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