OH MY GOD! Happiness!

[This entry was editted on June 1, 2008.]

Eva (1:28:47 PM): OMFG!!!!
Kath (1:28:57 PM): O.O
Eva (1:29:00 PM): that means it’s in Cantonese and I CAN UNDERSTAND IT WITHOUT SUBS!
Eva (1:29:02 PM): <333333
Eva (1:29:10 PM): nobody’s subbed it yet =3
Kath (1:29:35 PM): xD HOW CUTE
Kath (1:29:45 PM): henry..really is super cute O_O
Kath (1:29:55 PM): his name makes me think of emo boys tho x_x

Eva (1:30:03 PM): =3 he IS cute
Eva (1:30:11 PM): aw man they started talking in Mandarin -___-;
Eva (1:30:20 PM): but the narration was in Cantonese…
Eva (1:30:23 PM): OH MY GOD!!!!
Eva (1:30:24 PM): OH MY GOD
Kath (1:30:30 PM): :D
Eva (1:30:30 PM): IS SO EFFING
Eva (1:30:31 PM): ADORABLE
Eva (1:30:37 PM): HE’S SO FLUENT!!!
Kath (1:30:38 PM): HEHE :D
Eva (1:30:42 PM): <33333333 THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER.
Eva (1:30:51 PM): okay now Ryeowook’s speaking in Korean. sigh.
Eva (1:31:03 PM): i guess Henry’s the only one who can speak Cantonese…
Kath (1:31:15 PM): xD
Eva (1:31:15 PM): OH MY GOD
Kath (1:31:16 PM): OMG?!
Eva (1:31:27 PM): roflmao! <3 i can understanddd.


I have never, ever been so happy to be Cantonese. Ever since Super Junior-M I’ve been wishing I could speak Mandarin, but now I love being Cantonese. Henry‘s Mandarin isn’t that great, so he doesn’t speak a lot on variety shows, but HE SPOKE SO MUCH IN CANTONESE! <3 That’s the most I’ve ever heard him talk, I think.

x333 I’m being engulfed in happiness~

[Credit: symbelmyn]

Basically, it goes like this. I’m really not that great at Cantonese and can only understand basic stuff, so don’t hit me if it’s not accurate.

Narrator: Korea’s boygroup Super Junior’s minigroup Super Junior-M secretly came here, but they still attracted many fans who stood below their hotel. Because they came all the way to Hong Kong, we, of course, have to speak with them.Hangeng: Hello everyone, we are Super Junior-M!
Host: Good! How is everyone? Welcome to Hong Kong! I know a few of you have been to Hong Kong before.
*insert Mandarin here*
Henry: Hello, I’m Henry. Uh. It’s really been a long time since I’ve spoken Cantonese.
Host: You speak it well!
Henry: My father was from Hong Kong. Actually, this is my first time coming here to Hong Kong. I’m very happy to be able to meet my father’s family. I’m too happy.



And then the rest of it is in Mandarin. T.T
After a while, though, they started naming Chinese foods in Cantonese xD

Eva (4:02:13 PM): LMAO Hankyung said, “Gui ling goh,” and i just happen to be eating it <3 [’cause it’s the name of some Asian food.]
Kath (4:02:23 PM): LOL, how cute ! :D
Kath (4:02:26 PM): it is FATE

=3 Hearing Henry speak Cantonese made me way too happy. <3 It’s pretty good, but it’s still not really THAT fluent. xD

He stutters a lot and has trouble thinking of the right word to say. And then there are some certain parts where his accent is kinda off. ^^; That’s EXACTLY like me.

My new life goal is to collect all of Super Junior-M’s albums. :DD And maybe whatever other stuff they come out with. Dude, I woke up in a hella bad mood and I started crying for no reason, but this video made me soooo happyyyyy~

♥Super Junior-M is my drug.


:DD My friend Tina<3, who’s Mandarin, explained some of the Mandarin parts, so SUUUUUPER thanks to her! =O Some parts were reworded and MAY not be 100% accurate, but it’s good enough.

(5:36:58 PM): [the hosts says,] sooo. since you’re in the music industry and everything, you must have to control what you eat, right? and then they were like, well, since we usually exercise, its really no problem. 
(5:37:47 PM): and then the host told them that they seem very friendly towards each other and he asked if they ever fought before (im not really sure about this part) but like they were saying how they knew some people and lived in korea
(5:39:26 PM): x__X and like. errr. each other is really kind (have good attitude towards each other) attitude or personality. and then the host asked if the seven ever liked at the same time the same girl.
(5:40:08 PM): and they were like, tai chao ba. x__X
(5:40:16 PM): im not sure what that means but i think its like impossible.
(5:40:33 PM): shiwon says that [Donghae] likes girls with big eyes, white/pale skin, and hair is long.
(5:41:11 PM): and then the host says
(5:41:27 PM): your description is like a girl ghost. (he was teasing him)
(5:41:38 PM): and then after that, shiwon says that he likes the girl if the girl understands him completely, that girl would be okay. and then the host asks if hong kong girls were okay, and shiwon says yeah xD they’re really pretty
(5:42:44 PM): and then henry thinks style isn’t the most important thing for a girl
(5:43:10 PM): the most important is her heart
(5:43:17 PM): good personality
Eva (5:43:28 PM): xD that’s really sweet but totally contradicts what he said on another show.
Eva (5:43:45 PM): ’cause on the other interview, Henry was asked what he likes and he said, “Pretty girls,” in Cantonese.
Eva (5:43:52 PM): Eva: ..well that just killed all my chances.
Eva (5:43:53 PM): xD


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