Just catching up

LOL I’ve been lazy to blog so I’ve fallen behind oh noes!

May 23 was LULUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU‘s birthday! :DDD <3 [YT/WP]

May 24 was Umeda Erika‘s 17th birthday! Happy birthday to the underloved C-ute leader who deserves a PB right away.

May 28 was H!P’s former member Mika Todd‘s 24th birthday. Happy birthday!
It was also my friend Shawn’s birthday, so happy birthday to him too.

-____-; Crap.. My house reeks of Chinese herbal medicine… Apparently there’s something wrong with my mom’s body or something. =/ Also, she’s worried she’s about to get laid. Man, if she gets fired then both my parents’d be jobless. x__X

Yesterday was my school orchestra’s last concert. D: Our teacher gave us a pep talk before our performance and it was really touching. We’ve come so far, and I think I’ll miss everything.

I’m in the best orchestra ever. Only 15 people in it, but we’re all so close and work so hard together. Right now I’m thinking of constructing a yearbook for us. There’s only 15 of us so it shouldn’t be TOO hard to get everyone to cooperate.

Plus, I have a lot of pictures of us since I’m a freak who brings her camera everywhere with her. I think we can do this.


Right now I’m in a horrible mood. =] I was going to talk about new songs/PVs and new groups I’m into, but I don’t feel like it. I’ll catch up for real later.

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