Fanime Video

RAWR My stupid mic isn’t working properly.

>__> I don’t even get enough recording time, and now I can’t even record. Stupid. I have hella lines to do and some deadlines too.


I uploaded a video made of clips[?] I recorded during Fanime.

Video Description:

^^ On Sunday, May 25, 2008, Kojiru[kojirurules] and I went to the Fanime Convention.

I didn’t actually go to a lot of events and I didn’t film everything we did, so the video is prooobably gonna be really boring and long to you. D: But I promised someone a video.

I may make this private later on? I dunno. ^^; Oh yeah, by the end of the day, we were asked FIVE times by random guys if they could take pictures of us. o__o So that was slightly creepy..

I narrated the whole thing with my annoying voice. Forgive me? D:


Right now, I’m really into SHINee. o__o <3

Expect some fangirlism over them later.


2 Responses


  2. wooo~ I love this!! all the cosplayers walking around~ XD
    your outfits were very cute and I like your tie!~~ ^o^ no wonder you got ask to take pictures so many times~~ ^^

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