Fanime 2008

Today I went to FanimeCon 2008. =3

Expect a very long and detailed post about what I did today, lots of pictures, and TOTAL fangirlling over An Cafe.

I dare you to read it all. :D



Basically I went with Kojiru[Kojirurules]. She picked me up at 7 AM[D:] and we went and got in line for maybe half an hour and were joined by our friend Carla[purpleypenguin; she used to upload fandubs].

When we got in, we separated: me and Kojiru; and Carla and her/our friend Amy.

FIVE TIMES, me and Kojiru were asked by old guys if they could take a picture of us. ROFL =____=..

That is scary and amazing considering we weren’t even really cosplaying at all… We’re just Asian girls in skirts and dress shirts and stockings…
Kojiru kept telling me, “Be careful not to get hit on!” but really? O__o Why should I even worry? Not only do guys not like plain-looking, flatchested girls; I don’t think they’re into tall girls. >____>

LMAO tomorrow Ima search for Fanime pictures and if I see a picture of me, I WILL LAUGH MY ASS OFF. xD -____-;
You know, when I was crossing the street to the civic center, some guy took a picture of me
Also, when we were in a booth and Kojiru was looking at Gundam stuff, the guy who worked there took pictures of us on his cell phone. O___o It was funny because he was trying so hard to hide his cell, but I saw through him right away because I’m good at hiding things/putting on facades.

D: But we really didn’t take as many pictures/videos as I wanted[How many times do I get to go to an anime expo and wear a schoolgirl outfit?!] because Kojiru didn’t feel like taking pictures, so I took a lot of pictures of her and only have a couple with me in them. ^^;

There was SO much cosplay. D: I don’t even wanna name the special stuff I saw. Oh, but there was one really cute girl dressed up like Amu from Shugo Chara and I thought that was AWESOME.

All of the stuff didn’t open until 10, so we killed two hours by exploring, walking around, sitting and playing DS, and watching 20 minutes of the end of the Full Metal Alchemist movie.

I’ve never seen the movie before[I stopped watching the series ’cause I got scared..], so I did actually cry when I thought Ed and Al were gonna be separated. ^^;

When things started to open, the first place we dived for[but we had to wait in line for a while..] was the Dealers’ Room, which is basically a huge exhibit room where they sell tons and tons and tons of anime merchandise. Kojiru’s natural habitat.

We were in that room for 2 hours .___. Looking at stuff and shopping. I spent, like, $20 xD And Kojiru spent $80. Ahem.

OH AND OMG! I saw this guy that looked JUST like Sungmin from Super Junior, and he was SOOOOO CUTE! xD

We did walk for a long time without buying anything, but as soon as we saw the Morning Musume trading cards, WE TOTALLY WENT FOR THEM. Momusu at an anime convention?! Cool! :D

We got different cards, so the first pic is mine, and the second is her’s.

=O I saw so much Tsubasa Chronicle stuff, oh my gosh… <3 But mostly people sell Mokona stuff.. x__X BUT I DID SEE A LOT OF SYAORAN. YAAY! :D

My new theory is that, if you can’t buy it, take a picture of it! :DDDD


This is the Tsubasa stuff I did buy. ^^ Little stuff like pins and keychains.
[It seemed like so much at the time..]


And some of the stuff Kojiru bought. Just some.


Also, I didn’t think I would get to see An Cafe[’cause everyone got their tickets already D:] so I took pictures related to them.


After finally finishing in the Dealers’ Room, we went to the Art Gallery, and OH MAAN, some people are REALLY good at drawing! =O I wanted to get a chibi portrait done but it was expensive. We saw some REALLY cute Full Metal Alchemist keychains, so we bought them 2 for $5. What’s awesome about it is that you can choose two different things for the front and back: I got Winry/Ed and Kojiru got Riza/Roy.

=] It’s always been like that. Riza‘s her favorite character and Winry‘s mine, and we used to associate FMA characters with ourselves. [Plus, me and Kojiru are the violent ones sometimes? ^^;] OH AND LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS!

After, it was only 2’ish, and we already had nothing to do.. and I was really starting to regret not going for the An Cafe concert since seeing them would probably be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so me and Kojiru parted ways: she went back to the Dealers’ Room, and I went across the street to the Civic Center to see how long the lines were. [I was just gonna check it out..]

There was already a HUUUUUUGE-ass line, and I didn’t know what it was for. People told me that they already got their tickets and they’re waiting to get in, so I should go to the front and see if they were selling, so I went to the front and wasted a bunch of time there. I asked where and when I could get tickets, and they told me to go back to the convention and ask the information booth. x__X

So I crossed the street back and asked and they said that the line was for both getting in and getting tickets, so I went near the end of the line where a girl told me that a guy at the front of the center was passing out tickets, so I had to walk back to the front and ask and a guy really did give me a ticket! =3 HAH to the girls who waited in line for an hour to get tickets.

The “NO PHOTO / NO VIDEO” part pissed me off.

So then I got in line…[I can’t believe I almost was going to wait for FIVE HOURS in that line. I got there at 2 and the concert opens at 7.] There I met this girl who was asking for instructions, so I told her, and I told her I’d save her spot in line while she got her tickets, and we shook hands and hugged and became ‘friends’. xD It was so awesomee. [I’m usually very unsocial and people don’t like me.]

I sat there. For an hour. Waiting for her to come back. Because I thought it through, and since I wasn’t THAT obsessed with An Cafe, I figured that when she got back, I’d just leave and come to the concert late and get bad seats. I wasn’t gonna stand there for five hours. I felt bad, so I left a note for her with the other people in line that I talked to. =3 I feel like I fit in. At least here I don’t look like a geek. ^^;

Left, me and Kojiru watched the end to the Detective Conan[x___X Ehh..] movie, and we went home for dinner ’cause there was nothing to do.

At 7, I went back for the concert by myself because Kojiru hates rock music. I called Carla and they let me cut. xD I’m so glad. I really didn’t mind if they were last in line; I just didn’t wanna be alone.

AND OH MY GOSH. When we got up front they were like, “No cameras,” and I already knew that; I thought keeping your camera in your bag or pocket was okay, but they were like, “No, you can’t get in if you have a camera.” -____-; So I called my dad to come back and pick up my and my friend’s cameras. What a pain.

Luckily, they did let us go back in right away after instead of making us go to the end of the line[AHEM. THREE BLOCKS AWAY?!].

I don’t even know WHERE to start for the concert.




It was so thrilling. Well, it wasn’t THAT thrilling but I was amazingly excited for a band I hardly know anything about. =3

I’m REALLY new to An Cafe[cough, I knew them before, but didn’t check out their music until after I found out they’d be at Fanime, cough] but I know enough to be able to name them all by face and recognize one song by name. :D


I’d just like to say something, and that is: OMG THEY ARE ALL SOOOOOO ADORABLEEEEE! And Takuya is GORGEOUS in person. GORGEOUS.

Their opening act was Ramen & Rice, a violin-cello duet. And being a violin-player, I totally admire them.. They’re SO talented and it was soo beautiful. >__< I was moved. I totally freaked out when they played Simple and Clean and Sakura Kiss.

This is basically the first concert I’ve ever went to and I never expected to ever go to a rock concert, but then again this is J-rock, so I guess..nah. Never was too much into J-rock. Anyway, we had a choice to either sit in the terraces or stand in the mob-pit. We stood in the mob-pit. :D

It was SO CRAZY. Our other friend, who’s INSANELY obsessed with them, wrestled and crawled her way to the front, but me and Carla smartly stayed in the middle-back. I mean, we were STILL SO CLOSE TO THEM. D: And gosh, I had so much room to myself xD So happy. Everyone else was pushing and shoving.

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever been glad that I’m tall. Ever.

I heard a BUNCH of girls go, “I can’t see ANYTHING! Why do people have to be so tall?!” and I could see EVERYTHING CLEARLY. <3 I saw them all and I watched them all through the concert and gawdddd.<3

OH MY GOD. I can’t believe I was standing there jumping up and down with my hands waving and clapping, with this HUUUUGE grin on my face, and occasionally screaming. =3 It was so much fun. I lost my voice.

Man, the music was unbelievably loud, but I guess I should’ve seen that coming. I thought I was gonna be deaf by the end of the concert. Actually right now my ears are ringing a little..x___X I hope that isn’t permanent. Well who cares! I SAW AN CAFE KYAHHHH!!

OH MY GOSH me and Carla TOTALLY FREAKED OUTTTTTTT when they started playing Kakusei Heroism. That is my FAVORITE An Cafe song ever. I screamed SO MUCH and I jumped until my chest hurt so much it felt like I ran two miles. My arms and legs and throat are sore.

When I first checked out An Cafe‘s stuff, I was really freaked out. [Bou‘s so girly. T.T] Not only did they scare me, I didn’t understand WHY Miku was the lead singer. He sang so..weirdly. But then I heard Kakusei Heroism where he sang NORMALLY, and I understood why he was their vocalist immediately.

Miku is such a talented person. <3 He is SO, SO, SOOOOO AMAZING LIVE. He spent an hour and a half up there jumping and SCREAAAAAMING. Not just the lyrics, but he kept shouting something like “Jump!” which made EVERYONE jump up and down like insane zombies.


When I watched An Cafe stuff online and saw their pictures, I thought Miku was kinda cute, but I thought he looked kinda..awkward/weird. But now, I THINK HE IS SOOOO ADORABLEEEEEEEEE!


I’m so grad to be hear today.”
Sankyu fow inviting me hear.”
We sooooo happy.”

His voice itself is SO CUTE and then his Japanese-accented English is sooooooo adorableeeeeee <333333 I could just die. I was screaming and laughing and squealing like hell. Too bad I couldn’t understand most of the things he said. He is so cute.

In fact, all of them are SO CUTE. I never noticed before.

When everybody made their introductions, it was the cutest thing ever… I never knew everyone had such CUTE VOICES. And their English is so adorable; just as adorable as Miku’s. Seriously. They all have really cute voices.

Herro. My name iz Takuya. Letz make tonight a speshil night!

Before, I didn’t like the way Teruki looked. But he is really, really cute when he smiles. :D They should take more pictures smiling.

And Kanon.. I used to dislike his hair, but now I think he’s kinda hot!

AND YUUKI. The boy that lots of people hate, and needs to get a new haircut and get rid of his shades! He used to scare me. But now I like him too. =3 There was one part where he had a keyboard solo, and it was so beautiful… everybody was quiet and waved their arms slowly and he played it so beautifully. I was watching the screens which gave a REALLY close close-up on his face, and I just thought, He belongs.”

Oh and while Miku was singing, Yuuki, who’s all dressed in pink, does the MOST RIDICULOUS things in the back! xD It’s so cool.

Speaking of ridiculous, Miku does the most ridiculous things with his hair on stage LOL.

God, Miku is cute. x3 In one song, he brought out these pom-poms and it was the stupidest, yet cutest thing I’ve ever seen in person.

AND OH MY GOSH. In the middle of one song, he took a waterbottle, drank out of it, spit it out at the crowd, and threw the waterbottle into the crowd. THAT WAS SO AWESOME.

Kanon did the same thing too, and he threw a guitar pick as well!

At the end, Miku kept saying, “Last song,” and I was hecka sad about that x[ After they left, we all stood there for a minute shouting, “AN CAFE!” and clapping and stomping and stuff, until they FINALLY came back and gave us an encore. =]

It ended with Miku saying, I promise I’ll be back! Sankyou!

Right now I have the ticket stub in a zip bag. xD I shall keeps it forevers!<3



PS;; =O Our friend who crawled her way to the front got HIT BY MIKU’S SPIT. AND TOUCHED KANON’S PICK. Until some girl bit her[I saw the teeth marks; it was crazy..] so she let go of the pick.

My throat hurts so much, and my legs are so sore. x__X

Oh and I WILL put up videos later. =3 [I need sleep.]

Ugh, what a bad picture. Forgive me; I didn’t have many options.


2 Responses

  1. that sounds like sooo much fun!!
    i wanna go too.
    you two look freakin’ adorable!!
    AN CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re so lucky you got to see them!!
    and did that one guy really look like sungmin.
    srry i just chugged lik 3 cokes so i’m a bit hyper.

  2. Muahaha, I’ve read the whole thing! >3
    Aaaah, you are so lucky~! I also see that loosing you voice, and your feet and arms are hurting, actually deserves it~ ^^ XD;

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