K-pop’s got me hooked!

D: Like the title says.

I never really thought I’d get into K-pop, honestly. ^^; I always thought it wasn’t my taste. But now, I love it.

I said earlier that yesterday I was totallyyy obsessed with DBSK. xD I was. I learned so much more about DBSK and how awesomee they are.
I mean, where can you find a boygroup where EVERY MEMBER is a talented singer, is good-looking, can dance, and is funny and cute and <3 ?

I’m pretty sure Jaejoong went up in my ranks. =3 He’s so adorableeeeeeeee. And god I LOVE his voice. And his vibrato. And and he’s soo hott. x__X And thinks he’s a good boy. ^^
BLOWFISH! [Lol.. >____>]

Gahh, I’d fangirl more, but I’ll save that for part 2 of my DBSK rankings~

While I was at it, I checked out a bunch of other K-pop artists yesterday. Most of which were groups that I’ve heard of but never really paid much attention to.

One was Girls’ Generation[SNSD]. ^^; I only know them because Yoona‘s in some of SuJu’s MVs and everyone hated her. Also, because of their “Kissing You” MV which featured SuJu’s Donghae, where they sang into lollipops. [Rawr, you’ll see why I’m upset about that later.]

My favorite was immediately Sooyoung. Why? Because she’s taller than me! xD I read that on a blog and was like, “OMG I HAVE TO GO CHECK HER OUT!” [Can you tell I’m not height-conscious? Ahem.] Besides, she’s pretty. ^^ And..I don’t know about her voice yet.

I didn’t find much intrigueing about SNSD.. Yoona looks different than I remember. She’s a lot better in SNSD than she is in SuJu’s MVs. ^^; I actually kinda like her in SNSD.

OH! And I LOOOOOVED the Haptic commercials of DBSK x SNSD =3 They were so cute and so HILARIOUS. Started liking Junsu because of them, too. ^^

Wonder Girls were okay. ^^; I only checked them out because of “Tell Me“. It was..okay? ^^; Apparently there are 15-year-olds in the group and everyone was all, “She’s too young,” and blah blah blah. What? I’m 15 myself and I feel old. D: I’ll go more into detail about this later. I doubt I’ll ever go and get into Wonder Girls, so we’ll leave it at that.

F.T. Island‘s a group I really wanna check out. :D They all look cute’ish to me. The ones that stand out to me in this group is Jaejin and Minhwan. I never actually listened to their music because I’m not THAT interested yet, but they looked cute? xD Minhwan’s only a year older than me! ^^

The reason I got interested in this group in the first place is because I heard all the members are really young and they’re a new group? =3 Sorry, but, like..xD You know, SuJu’s 20+…

Finally, we have the ALL-NEW group, SHINee.

Seriously, they’re so new. x3 Their first mini-album came out yesterday. How awesome is that?

And they’ve already got me HOOKED. <3 More guys for me to fangirl over. ;D [It’s people like me who make ‘fangirl’ into a verb. xD]

When people were just starting to hear about SM launching a new boyband, I read about them on blogs and I already knew that I’d like them and will definitely be following their releases.
I’m still not good at knowing them all by face yet[though I can tell Taemin by hair >___>], but the first time I saw them, I thought they all looked soo cute.

And they doooo. D: Taemin was automatically my favorite. Why? Because he’s my age. ;D I always have a thing for famous people my age. [Ex. Yamada Ryosuke? ^^;] Well technically I’m two months older than him. >__< [So he’s still 14 right now.] But that’s okay. [Why do I feel old?]

I think he’s cute; his haircut is a little flaw, but once he changes that, I think I’ll just like him even more, though it’s growing on me. He can dance well. :D People said he looks like a mini-Heechul[honestly, that kinda turned me off..] but I don’t think he does when he smiles. ^^ He looks cute when he smiles.

I don’t get why everyone is so surprised at how “young” he is. I mean, from MY point of view, I think his age is fine. I mean, I’m pretty immature, but I think I’d be mature enough to become an idol. But that’s just me.

I suppose others who are older than me are used to idols who’re 18-25’ish. I’m not. ^^; [Cough. Hagiwara Mai is 12 right now.]

I also like Jonghyun. :D He’s cute/hot and can sing, right? Totally.

Anyway, I’m really hooked on SHINee’s music right now. I can’t stop replaying their song, “Noona is Pretty (Replay)“. xD It just sounds so nice and fresh; just what SM was aiming for. Good job. :D See, they know what they’re doing sometimes! Besides, LOTS of people LOVE SuJu-M.<3

I really like SHINee right now. =3 They can all sing pretty well, their songs sound good, they’re good dancers, all pretty cute, look good wearing almost anything, and I’m just liking them a lot. Man their FIRST performance was LIVE! On their website, I was tempted to leave them a message on their fanboard. xD So I clicked “Write” and some Korean pop-up came up and I can’t read it, but I don’t think they’re gonna let me post. At least not now.

:D~ Now it’s off to practice reading romanized Korean so I can sing it!


9 Responses

  1. Wahhh!!!we r same!!
    i luv jaejoong!jonghyun!minhwan!
    i also luv suhshie after i c yoona at da haptic commercial
    i also think js is adorable!
    tell me?
    love iyt!
    me too!!ilike shinee so much right now!
    he is okay..
    owh but my ages is 13.

  2. lol hey eva, this is kathy’s cousin, ethelind, again…
    i was just doing my routine check of aim profs and i saw yours had x buttons haha (i love buttons rofl) and i had time so i pressed it and voila. omgosh, i feel like a freaking stalker. I have to say, YOU SOUND SO MUCH LIKE ME. as in your thoughts on idols and the way you write in the entries ive read (gosh, i sound like a stalker again) ANYWAY lol, now that you’re into kpop and johnny’s i presume?, there wont be such a gigantic gap between our asian musical knowledge so that we can finally collab on a song we both know haha. okay, im gonna stop now, i feel creepy.

    see you eva ^^ actually, ttyl (how much more stalker can i get before i send myself to jail…) ps: i love all the people you said you love above XD except i like wonder girls the best out of girl groups haha.

  3. jaejoong<33 hongki<333

  4. its all about jaejoong, hongki and jonghyun….also miyavi and TOP of big bang.

  5. Yeah jaejoong’s totally cool and he’s cuteeeeeee ^^

  6. i love you jae joong i love you

  7. jaejooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggggg
    myyyyyyyyyyy hhhhhhuuussssssssssbbbaaannnnnnnnnnnn

  8. hello my name is noemi flowers and the say taht jaejoong is beautiful encanted me bye kisssssssssssssssssss

  9. Cong nhan oppa do def thjet

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