-____-; As if I wasn’t already in a grouchy mood, SERIOUSLY, WHY DOES MY MIC HAVE TO HATE ME?! Why?! It’s so stupid!

I was ALREADY having problems with it before and that was annoying ’cause I always had to fix it manually after EVER SINGLE track I recorded.But now, it’s not even something I can fix. STUPID MIC!

-_____-; Rawr. When I was recording lines this afternoon, it was fine, but then my dad came home and I decided I’d just do a couple of crappy emotionless shots of DBSK‘s song, Hug, Japanese version.

Blah. This is why I can’t record.


I’ll retype later.


Alright, so anyway, this was one of the songs I really want to record, but can’t ’cause I’ve too many lines. [GAH! DEADLINE IN TWO DAYS!]

I’m starting to really get into DBSK. ^^; I spent all yesterday watching clips of them, and at first I questioned it, but lorddddd it’s no WONDER these guys are the most popular boygroup in Asia.

They all have lovely voices and I heard some GORGEOUS vibratos, are funny/clever/cute/have awesome personalities, and are extreeeemely good-looking. D: [Except maybe Micky? Personally I think he’s okay.]

I really wanna sing the Japanese version of Hug, because, well.. frankly, I don’t think their Japanese pronounciations are that great. ^^; Mine isn’t either, but I’m not a professional singer. So I wanna sing it.

Besides, I fail at Korean. D: -is learning SuJu’s Haengbok-

On the bright side, this song is really good for practicing vibrato. xD My vibrato improved TONS today! And that increases my self-confidence, which will then somehow help my singing, I think. ^^; There are so many possible-vibrato spots in this song. I love it.

Man, if I had the choice, I’d quit school. Everyday I just go there and everyday I get grumpier and more pissy.

People used to say, “You should at least go to school to see your friends!” but.. I dunno. At this moment, if I could just sit here in front of this computer monitor and eat and sleep, I don’t think I’d miss my friends.

Maybe I’m numb and tired.
But I’m getting more and more coldhearted everyday.

Get out of my face. 


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