A couple minutes ago, I finished watching the subtitled video of Kago Ai‘s 40-minute-long ohmynews interview.
I’ve had it downloaded on my computer since FOREVER, but I’ve been saving it for a down day.

Wow. Kago’s really..been through a lot. =/
I knew that already from other sources, and even though she didn’t mention a lot of details, it just feels different hearing it come from her mouth. And even though she’s smiling as she’s saying it, you can feel the pain she had more.

Now, of course, she’s got a whole new outlook on life, and I think that’s just great. I love the way she thinks; it’s so honest and true.

It’s great she’s being so positive now and working hard..

Also, it was nice how in the interview, Hello! Project was mentioned. I was really happy to hear that the Morning Musume members had kept in touch with Kago and cheered her on. She also mentions Mikitty and Gomaki and is confident of their success.

They also mention Tsuji.

When the interviewer said, “You know, she got married and had a baby,” Kago laughs and goes,
She did! That even surprised me!

And when Kago said, “I’m sure she’s doing well,”
I started tearing up. Hahah.

Ganbare, Kago. We support you~


3 Responses

  1. Hoja me llamo johaan y me gustaria concer ha kago ai por favor mi correo es
Soy peruano llamame al 951496467 te amo kago ai
Tengo 17 años

  2. Mi correo electronico es;-)

  3. Te amo soy famoso cantantante

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