Symptoms of a Fangirl

D: I want to rant. But I won’t, not yet.

In PE, we’re starting the second part of our swimming unit. And I used to love swimming, but now I HATE IT so much. >___> I suck at swimming. >__< Like, a lot. I’m in intermediate, and we basically swim back and forth using different techniques or whatnot.

And it’s really, really hard for me. I can’t go underwater. I can’t do the breathing techniques. Can’t even do freestyle strokes. Can’t open my eyes underwater, either. And I get scared. Three times today I breathed in water and twice, I choked and had to stop and cough a lot.

And then there’s changing and that’s a pain in the butt. Unlike the rest of the girls who wear swimsuits, tank tops, or bikinis, I wear my PE t-shirt and shorts when I’m swimming[haven’t I told you I’m unstylish and dorky?], so changing is a pain. Not that it wasn’t already a pain no matter what I’m wearing.
Blah. Puts me in a bad mood.


T.T I’m such a fangirl. It’s so sad. =_____=|l’

I found a website where you could leave messages for Super Junior-M, and I can’t believe I actually mustered up the courage to leave one..

2008-05-18 14:43:04 新浪网友 IP:–.–.—.*
Super Junior-M FIGHTING! <3 You have my full support until I die.
-Lots and lots of love from the United States :D

Y-Yeah. It’s from two days ago, but still.
D: Although I feel bad, I feel a little good about it. xD Most of the comments there were either in Korean or Chinese, and the few English comments I saw were from South America and Australia and other places, and were written in very, very poor English or chatspeech.. ^^;;

I HIGLY doubt that, even with a miracle, anybody of importance would go through these things and actually see mine, but I hope SuJu-M feels the love.
I want them to know that they’ve got fans here and everywhere and that there are tons of people supporting them. I dunno. I never felt this ‘dedicated’ to any celebrities before.
I respect them a lot.

Don’t you want one?! I do!

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