All over again..

Rawr. >___< It happened again. Argh.. He actually checked my Xanga. I didn’t expect him to since he never does, so I wrote a bunch of stupid things and a bunch of stuff and I even mentioned this one thing, and.. >___< It’s so embarrassing and I feel so stupid. God, Eva, why do you have to be so stupid.. ARGHH.

>__>; Why do I have to be so immature? Makes me mad.

Now I know why I come to WordPress so much.. I never feel like going to Xanga because of those things and I get too personal on there. So expect me to blog even more here. I have no choice but to avoid some people from now on.
I hope he never reads my WordPress. Then it’d happen again.

Uhu~ Off to Kojiru‘s house I go!

We’re going shopping for Fanime. Schoolgirl/Buono clothes~~



After 4 hours of walking around the mall and looking and trying stuff on and figuring out a BUNCH of stuff, we finally got skirts and stockings for Fanime.
We’re gonna wear dress shirts with them.

Dude, it took hella long ’cause
1) Everything’s expensive,
2) It was hard to find schoolgirl skirts in the first place,
3) They never had any sizes we fit,
4) Colors; because I like blue and Kojiru likes red, and the skirt we found that fit Kojiru was blue and the ONE skirt that we found in the whole mall that fit me was red [I’m really skinny..]

But finally, we did it. =] So she got a red skirt that looks JUST like the uniform in Shugo Chara, and I got a really plain blue one that costed 1/2 as much as her’s and is four sizes too big for me. [It was the one that she fit.]

 That’s basically what I’m going to wear to Fanime. I may wear a tie though xD To make up for my really plain skirt. Because Kojiru’s is REALLY PRETTY and cool and it stands out a lot.

Also I’m probably gonna be wearing dirty tennis shoes. ^^; Because I’m probably one of the most deprived and unstylish 15-year-olds in my city.
I basically have three pairs of shoes: tennis shoes which I wear everyday at school, flip flops, and dress shoes for orchestra concerts.

D: I don’t even have converse or vans or anything pretty.

If you see us at Fanime, say HI! :D

Edit;; ARGHH!!! >____> Now I’m hella damn pissed off ’cause my parents just scolded me for buying this stuff. I DON’T USUALLY BUY THESE KINDS OF CLOTHES. GOD! And I never wear anything skanky and I never wear short-shorts or anything! They’re NOT that short =___=;; I have long legs, okay? They’re the reason why I’m tall and I hate them.

Man, and I was so excited earlier, too.. >___> ‘Cause Namimi and Rururu are gonna make blogs. -sniffle-

3 Responses

  1. wow ebah! you look so cute~
    haha beautiful legs ^__^ though it does look a tiny bit big on you xD
    puaha you’re so lucky, fanime T__T

    aww, don’t be sad!! It’s ok, the clothes look real pretty, and you’ll probably wear it again someday :)

  2. my sis read my blog… my colleague whom i curse him at work read my blog by all accident means. but i repeatedly stated on my blog that it’s my right and freedom to blog whatever i want. they have no right to tell me off because that’s rights infringement and disrespect to my rights.

  3. wua~~~~could you post your cosplay photos after you came back from Fanime? I really wanna see~ I wanted to go too but it’s too far T-T hope u guys have a great time!

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