Gahh, I’m blogging too much!

..xD Sorry for that previous huge rant. Haven’t I told you I have crazy mood swings before? Well if I haven’t, now you know!

Don’t worry, though. xP Most of the time when I’m having mood swings, I’m at school, or I don’t blog about it. If you think I’m scary, I wouldn’t blame you, but you haven’t seen my temper yet.

[In third grade, a girl was bullying me and calling me names and I got so mad, I started crying and the next thing I knew, she was on the ground. Ahem. Of course, nowadays I’m not that violent, but people are still scared of me, ’cause of my temper. >__>;;]

Sorry I’m getting into the habit of blogging everyday. ^^;

Hm.. let’s see..what’s new… Super Junior-M‘s song “This Moment” is growing on me like heeeck. :D <3 I luffles it now. The first time I heard it, I didn’t like it because I was loving all of the cheery songs on the album, and this one sounded dark and there was a lot of rap.

But now I think it sounds soo cool and awesome. D: And Henry’s English rap grew on me LIKE CRAZY! At first I thought, “Wtf, they made him sound gangster.. >____<” now I think it sounds hot and cool. ;D [Edit;; Rofl I just noticed that sounds funny..] In fact, I recorded it and the violin part onto my cellphone, but unfortunately my phone doesn’t let me put recordings as my ringtone or anything.

MARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! :D I love you! :DD She recently made a video of her drawing everyone in 7nin Tengoku according to voice impressions, and it’s AWESOME. Adding on to the facts that she’s an amazing singer, is really cute and friendly, she is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING at drawing.
[7nin Tengoku drawing video!/Youtube/Blog]

Yeah, I took a screenshot of mine and saved it. xD ‘Cause I love it so much. It’s really pretty, and even though I’m nowhere near as pretty, I lovee it. I think she got me down pretty well, except I have glasses. [Although, she’s seen my picture before, so does that count as cheating?] Well, thank you, Mariri!

Urgh, I hafta go to dinner with my aunts and family. If that’s not gonna piss me off, I don’t know what will. Sitting with a bunch of squeaky-voiced, annoying, senseless, Asian ladies who make everything into a talk/gossip fest, constantly criticising me. They don’t know me at all. Last time I ate with them, they took me to dinner for my birthday and were like, “You don’t like Vietnamese food anymore? But it was your favorite when you were four years old!” WHAT KIND OF STUPID STANDARDS ARE THOSE?! Btw, no offense because I do like pho and some certain Viet food, but not the stuff they “treated” me to without asking me what I wanted. //endrant.


Do you not even realize that you’re annoying me? It’s called common sense; please use it. We’re not as close as you think we are.
It’s people like you who are going to make me have high blood pressure when I’m older.


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