Tori no Uta

Yesterday was my friend[well, in English..] Samantha’s birthday, so happy birthday to her! =3

Today is my beloved Twilight Legend/J-unior SWEET friend, Angeru’s [YT/WP] birthday. Haaappy birthday! :D


x___X So my youtube friend Arinachi/Arinacchi is holding an audition for the opening of an AIR episode fandub, Tori no Uta.

I guess I’ve always known that song and the anime, but never paid much attention or watched it. I know, though, that AIR’s a really good, touching anime and the song’s really nice and beautiful. While I was watching the audition video, I totally fell in love with the song and found it was easy to learn, so I recorded a crappy audition. ^^;;;;

But forget that it’s an audition in case I don’t make it. xD I always like to blog my new recordings to keep track of improvement.

Sung while my parents were home, so it’s super emotionless and I used head voice a lot. Home-alone time is for lines.

Listen // MP3

T.T See, I told you my voice got crappier/scratchier. Today I figured out why. >D It’s ’cause of the candy that my mom packs for me everyday at lunch. Today we ran out so I didn’t eat it, and when I got home, my voice was the best it’s been for the past two months. [How sad..]

Also I’m pretty sure some parts are out of tune. I don’t know the song well. -___-; But I don’t care and I don’t think anyone else will either, so whatever. :D I haven’t used echo in such a long time~


=]]]] I asked my dad, and he said I can go to Fanime! WOO-HOO! I thought I wouldn’t be able to go after I told him the prices. D: But I dunno which day me and Kojiru are going. [We’re gonna dress up like Buono/schoolgirls!]

Does anyone know what’re the differences between the events of each day? And is anyone else going? :D

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