IT’S HERE!!!!! x] x] x]

Super Junior-M’s “Me” album <3333!!!!

Zomg, fangirl moment. -takes deep breaths-
=] <3 I-It’s beauuutiful.. >____<

I loove the folder. =3 When I first opened it, I was smelling it like hell because it smells new and papery xDDD I think it got me high~ But seriously, how do they expect me to use it? It’s beautiful..

I was hoping they’d have it in a nice, small CD case so I could stack it with the rest of my CDs, but it came in a DVD case x___X So big..

I haven’t listened to it yet because I wanted to blog while listening and looking at the scripted lyrics. =3 Kyehehehe~~

Hereee; you can listen too.

Album review and scans –>

Good start; It definitely sounds like a nice, cheery song like all the reviews said it’d be. =3 I’m unbelievably happy right now. <3 I must look like an idiot, sitting here with this huge smile<3 Chorus is so uplifting. OHMYGOD the KyuWook harmony was great! Their voices sound amazing so far..

xP Well, I’ve loved this song from the start. Awesome remake. It got me into SuJu-M. I don’t think I really need to detailly comment on it. ^^; I’m just happy that I got a good-quality mp3 rip of it now.

At Least I Still Have You:
I cheated a long time ago and already listened to the radio rip of this, so it’s not that new to me. But I still absolutely love it. Absolutely beautiful song and the chorus touches me everytime. x] Their voices sound totally impressive here, and I never realized Donghae’s vibrato was so nice before.

Squee, first remake I haven’t heard yet! Here I go.. :D It’s so light and uplifting x3 Seriously<3 Matches the lyrics perfectly. Oh my gosh, they remixed the instr break and it sounds awesomee. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I absolutely DIIIIIIIIED when Henry went, “I love you baby, and I’m never gonna stop.”

Love Song:
o__o The beginning sounds so cute.. :D A happy song! Yay! The chorus is soooo cuteeee~ Hahah I just noticed, Ryeowook’s voice sounds like it got higher. Not that that’s a bad thing, I mean.

In My Arms:
..D: Somehow my heart’s hurting now. Rofl. Iono if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I think I’m touched. =/ The translations of the lyrics are kinda depressing. It’s a good song, but it’s depressing..

Don’t Don:
xD They make this song sound so innocent. Seriously. It lost its power, but still sounds AWESOMEE. At first when I found out Henry got the rapping parts, I was really disappointed ’cause I was hoping he’d get to sing more, and I half-doubted his rapping, but his rapping is AWESOME! Yay for violin! x3 One day, I will definitely learn how to play this. Grr.
=OOO Omg, his “SUPER JUNIOOOR!” at the end was a lot better than I thought it’d be! He sounds really strained though. x[ I mean, his voice is usually so soft.

Marry U:
OMGOMGOMG!!!!! My heart MELTED at Henry’s “Love~ Oh baby my girl~” and continued to melt with the rest of his rap! <3 I had big expectations for this song, and they’ve been fulfilled with just the first line. D: Oh man. I loved Donghae’s rap in the original, but it sounds so awkward here.

LMAO AT HENRY’S RAP! It sounds so cute/hilarious[in the good way]! I like the song, but they sound kinda emotionless, if you know what I mean.. This is supposed to be *happiness*. They sang well, but I’m not feeling the happy aura. =O

Thirst/A Man in Love:
.__. Can I just say I never liked this song to begin with? Ahh, but SuJu-M’s making it grow on me, okay. T.T Eh, still not liking the song, but definitely appreciating SuJu-M and their voices. =3 [Argh! Someone please give Henry a bigger part!]

This Moment:
I heard this song has Henry rapping in English. Can’t wait. D: ..Again with the dark-sounding rapping? OMGGGG HENRY’S ENGLISH RAP!! It sounds soo..xD not-Henry-like. Er, but still<3 And his violinnnnnnn<3 Good song, but not my favorite. [Why’d they hafta go make him sound gangster? x[ Why?]

The One:
Again, I sneakpeaked at this one, so I already know what it sounds like. I love this song, and like At Least I Still Have You, it’s beautiful. They all sound amazing, but I had expected a liiitle more from Ryeowook? Chorus gets me every time. The violin sounds astounding. =3 Oh, and congrats to Hankyung :D I’m having my parents tell me when the Beijing torch runner is gonna be on the news.


Hankyung – As expected, his Chinese was better than the others’. :D He doesn’t stand out much to me, but he has a nice voice.

Shiwon – His voice is still rough, but I think he improved. He sounds pretty impressive.

Donghae – His rapping in U was amazing, but his rapping in all the other songs were a little weak. Still, his voice is nice and he sounds the same as he does in Super Junior. Oh and his vibrato is TONS better than I remember it to be =3

Ryeowook – He didn’t sound as good as I thought he would. Usually he’s amazing, but here he’s good. Still has stellar vocal abilities and is more talented than most of the others in SuJu-M. Somehow his voice sounds a lot..higher. He didn’t do anything too special and vibrato sounded a little weaker than it usually does.

Kyuhyun – Ahem. Mr. Godly Voice. But sounds less powerful than usual. I’m not sure but I think I caught a couple of iffy spots in his Mandarin. [I’m not Mandarin.]

Zhou Mi – Zhou Mi’s an amazing singer and he doesn’t get credited enough. His voice sounds totally different than I had assumed from just listening to U. Huge props to him for writing the lyrics to Love Song. :D

Henry – ..xD No need to repeat myself.


I didn’t scan in the pics that I’ve already seen a buunch of times on the internet. :D
NOTE: Again, the quality of the pics turned out crappy because of my scanner. I’m just as mad as you are, so don’t shoot me? D:

 Dude, I’m SO surprised that I haven’t seen this picture on the internet! [Okay, so I have a thing for his violin too..] It’s possibly my favorite Henry picture. x3 Sorry for the quality. I scanned it in, like, 5 times and this was the best.

 Don’t blame me for that logo thing on Zhou Mi’s face. D: It’s like that.

 x] The day my house burns down is the day I kill myself.
Until then, I’ll keep this album forevers and evers!


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  1. wooo~ Ebah-chan, I love your blog posts! they are always interesting and so detailed~~ ^^

    “I was smelling it like hell” XDDD

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