Duet [Magazine]

Eva: I don’t want to go to the dentist..
Dad: You have to. That’s life.
Eva: But I thought that in life, if you didn’t want to do something, you should never be forced to.
Dad: Nnnnnnno, that’s not true.
Eva: xO WHAT?! –pretends to sob– Why are you teaching me bad thinggsssss..? TT~TT

So I went to the dentist today. It was very painful. While rinsing my mouth, I saw a river of blood. There is no way this is legal.

After, though, my daddy took me to a Taiwanese bookstore I’ve never been to before. =3 I’m starting to really like bookstores. Not for the books though. [Who reads? xD] [<–just kidding..]

Oh my gawddd it was awesome. There were SO many cute bags there too. =3 Ehe. Mind you that I’ve never been interested in bags before today. They were all so cute…and the kitty theme was so cute. Too bad I hate cats. And the only design they had there with a doggy costed $40. Sigh. And it was so cute too. Everything else was adorable, but I wish they had doggy-themes for those too.

I wanted to buy a Fahrenheit album for my friend’s birthday, but it costs 3 times as much as my double-album-set costed[-_____-;].

Iono why but I always get excited when I see things I know :D Like DVD sets of Tokyo Juliet, Why Why Love, Hana Kimi, etc. And magaziiiiiiines of Fahrenheit! ^^ Mostly of Jiro and his dramas or whatever, though. I was tempted to buy, but they were $7 each, and that’s a lot for a magazine for me since I’m cheap. Plus they were sealed so I didn’t know what’d be inside.

After, I was able to convince my dad to take me to that Japanese bookstore since it was about two freeway exits away. [xD] And duudeee =O They got lots of new stuff! Viyuuden’s last single, Milky Way’s debut, NEWS’s Summer Time, Arashi’s new album, Matsuura Aya’s stuff, DBSK/THSK’s new single, etc.

Didn’t buy any though. What I really wanted this time was a magazine. =3 That featured NEWS on the cover. I flipped through it and there was hecka people I knew and I wanted itt. Well actually, there were two magazines with NEWS on the cover, but I decided on this one ’cause it’s cheaper. [But still $7 (‘^’)|l’ ]

Actually, I regret it now. The other one would’ve been better. T.T This one has Wentz, but not Teppei; the other has both. And this one has a big poster-thing of Hey! Say! JUMP..shirtless.
I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with that. Yeah.


I scanned a bunch of stuff in for you. =3 But it’s only people I know and it’s not a lot ’cause scanning takes a long time and I’m lazy.

Perhaps someday when I have no job, no life, no boyfriend, and spend the day babysitting my friends’ children, I’ll scan in the rest of the magazine.
xD Right now my goal is to learn who these people are, get to like them, and THEN I’ll scan in their pics.

[There’s more stuff like Hey! Say! JUMP, Kanjani 8, KAT-TUN, Ikuta Toma, and Johnny’s oldies stuff that I don’t know.]

NOTE: The quality sucks ’cause my scanner sucks.
It’s a thick, hardcover magazine and I’m not willing to cut things out, so OBVIOUSLY the scans are CRAPPY. Just look if you wanna look.

Yamashita Tomohisa
Nishikido Ryo
Koyama Keiichiro
Kato Shigeaki
Masuda Takahisa
Tegoshi Yuya

[I love the quality of the second pic :D Maybe it’s because the material of that page is different from the rest of the magazine.]
Ohno Satoshi; Ninomiya Kazunari; Matsumoto Jun
Aiba Masaki; Sho Sakurai

Hey! Say! JUMP
Yamada Ryosuke [..xD He’s the only one I really know/like, so I scanned his solo pages. My new goal is to be able to recognize his face.]
[The last one isn’t a scan, but rather a close-up picture of him on the poster/pull-out, because I like his teeth. Rofl.***]

Eiji Wentz [WaT]


***On another random note, I like Henry Lau’s teeth too. :DDD They look a little like mine, except my canine teeth are sharper. Rofl. I want my Super Junior obsession to come back. x[ I have nothing to do all day. </3


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  1. ah there’s eiji wentz!! i like him!

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  3. THANKS UUU!!!!!


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