Happy Mother’s Day! ^^; I hope you were all good children like me and did something for your mom.

I made a vase~ -___-; And obviously I have absolutely no artistic talent at all. The glaze firing turned out really bad. =[


Okay, so I’m still a really crappy daughter. xD I started making this in February when it was her birthday, but it didn’t finish/I wasn’t able to take it home until now. So I didn’t really make it for Mother’s Day.. ^^;;


Happy birthday to my friend/”daddy” Andrew!
And also, today’s the birthday of ChiisanaChanx3!


13 years old now. =3 You’re soo young. And yet now you’re getting old. ;P Welcome to the teenaged years! -drags you in-

Yesterday Chiichama sent me an old recording we did when I went to her house xD It was a practice/on crack run of Momusu’s Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari before we knew it well. We screwed up a lot, but it’s interesting to listen to.
Oh and the one who went, “I am your conscience~” at the beginning was none other than KathKath[rawrrkathy].


We stopped recording when I said, “I should go home now, huh?”

PS;; Chiichama, upload more videos NOW! >O


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