The World In My Hands?

Eh, I wasn’t gonna blog today, but I just wanted to promote this:
Twilight Legend‘s brand new, shiny BLOG!

Applause applause applause~~
=3 Probably because I never run out of weird things to say
[.__. –stares at old wordpress entries-], I’m one of the posters on that blog and I’ll try to keep you updated and stuff. I don’t know who the others are yet, though, because so far I’m the only one to make an entry besides Purply’s introduction about the group.

Oh yeah, I just wanted to mention this is my 50th entry. xD Time fliess when you’re blogging all the time~ -is shot-

=3 Today my friend gave me a late birthday present and it’s SO EFFING COOL!

xD Because when she asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted the world. And that’s what she got/made me! A paper mache globe with candy inside. =3

Lately I’ve been having slight breathing problems. ^^; And that’s kind of a pain when I’m singing. Especially practicing rap..
‘Cause I was assigned Donghae’s rap part in a SuJu-M “U” groupdub, and I’ve been practicing everyday. ^^;; I improved!

Happy birthday to my friend Helen! xD Month of birthdays~


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  1. I found this page called, they have a big collection of Suju pictures and videos. Check it out yourself here

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