Yesterday was my friend Calvin’s birthday. Happy birthday!
Today is my friend Aaron’s birthday. Happy birthday!

xD See, I told you it’s the month of birthdays! And moooore to come!

I’m soo tired. Been busy all day Friday and yesterday and both days, I’ve been going to sleep at 2 AM. =/ I thought I’d get today to rest but my parents’ friends came over.

Anyway, they were watching this Taiwanese show, and I see, like, a bunch of fans carrying “Jiro” signs so I thought to myself,
Whaa? There’s another person named Jiro?”


Duude, my daddy told me he’d TELL me if anyone in Fahrenheit showed up on his shows! T.T But I guess he didn’t know Jiro was in Fahrenheit.. ^^;
Jiro was pretty much the only reason I stayed out there and watched the show with them. It’s boring listening to people talk and talk and talk in a language I don’t understand. [Remember I’m not Mandarin..]

xD I can count the number of words Jiro said in the whole episode on the fingers of one hand. But his surprised face[’cause they were doing magic tricks] and smiles made up for it. =3 So cute. His speaking voice is hawt.

:D If I still had photoshop, I’d take screenshots and make GIF animations of his adorable expressions.


I. want. my. SuJu-M. album. NOOOOOOOW.

=[ It’s gonna be shipped out on May 15th and shipping’ll probably take 4-7 days… T.T SOMEBODY MAKE TIME GO FASTER! I’ll pay you a buck! Please!!

Last night, I read an album review on a blog, and it sounds sooOoOoOoO gooddd~ D: Why don’t you just rip my heart out? MP3s have leaked out onto the internet, and I wanna download them sooo badly. x[ But I already promised myself I wouldn’t listen until I got my CD.

</3 =[ I want my album. ALWEJFILSDJKLK!!IL!JK!

=O They’ve got Henry RAPPING. I don’t like that idea, but I wanna hear it. x__x He even raps in ENGLISH?! I wanna hear!

And GASP! DDDD: They gave him the “love, oh baby my girl~” in Marry U!! WHY DOESN’T SOMEBODY JUST STAB ME NOW?

Okay, wait wait wait! T.T Kill me after I get the album, ne..?


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