IS MY BIRTHDAY! x] x] x] <33

Hahah it’s the old “picture in the bathroom mirror” technique. I don’t usually take pictures of myself, but..

I wanted to show off my shirt. :D It says “Birthday Girl.”

[Not that you could see since it’s mirrored… I look weird/ugly, as usual. And I look even weirder when I unmirrored it, so I’ll just leave it like this. You believe me, right?]

[I can only wear this shirt once a year, so I wore it and took a pic.]

Today is also the day SuJu-M’s “Me” album gets released in Taiwan or something. =3 I can’t waiiiiiiit to get mine.

Today is also the day that Arashi’s single “We Can Make It!” was released last year. xD And I like that song.. And I sang the whole thing for an audition a while ago.

Also, today is the birthday of my birthday buddy, Truc. :D Happy birthday!


But most importantly, to me, today is the best day I’ve had in the past 10 months.

Hahah I’ve never woken up happy, went to school happy, had fun and absolutely no problems or mood swings at school, got out of school happy, did lots of stuff afterschool and had tons of fun, and came home happy. Never. Ever. In my life.

So afterschool, me and my friends did the stupidest and Asianest thing ever: we went to eat dim sum. xD
‘Cause it’s FUN!! I mean, you never see a bunch of teenagers go out for dim sum! And dim sum’s good stuff, so why not! :DDDDDD

Surprisingly I thought of it, and I’m usually the one who’s first to oppose senseless ideas. Hahah. And to think that I’m getting older, not younger.

D: Because I accidentally dropped an octopus[eww.] into my tea…

After, we went to the park and hung out and played and took hecka pictures. [Ahem, when I got home there were 200 in my camera.] It was so fun..

So I’m 15 now. Can you believe it? 15 sounds sooo old. D:

Hahah I got hecka presents and love. =O I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING! Really, I thought I’d go home with, like, one cake that my friend told me she’d bake for me and one present.

But everyone surprised me. D: Everybody’s too nice to me. x____X I feel spoiled. They gave me too much stuff.. xD But my friends were telling me I should feel appreciated. So I’ll try. <3

I love everything I got. =3 But Ima just talk about some.

Kojiru[Kojirurules!! AND SHE DOES!] got me some awesome stuff o___o
When she went to Taiwan, she got me the Cafe Buono! album. OMG~~

D: I scanned in all the pics, but my scanner hates me so everything turned out in horrible quality with a bunch of squiggly lines and stuff. =/ I’ll rescan ’em when my scanner gets fixed, but I guess you can preview them. [Later I’ll put them up.]

She also got me a Tsubasa Chronicle keychaiiiiiiiin! <3

And another Lucky Star folder! =O

Other stuff I got were, like, a teddybear, a Chococat plushie, chimes, a friendship pictureframe, a Cooking Mama 2 DS game, mini teddy bears, a necklace, a wild honeysuckle hand sanitizer, lots of cards, and THREE cakes. xD

And then a bunch of videos in honor of my birthday. =3 And stuff like that.

[xD When I went on the Twilight Legend forum, I was touched by everyone I started crying.]


I uploaded a new video.
Honestly, I’m extremely disappointed with it. =/ I recorded most of it yesterday afternoon… and then I rushed the whole AMV from 9 PM til almost-midnight and I rushed to upload it in time, but I didn’t make it so it went under “May 3”.

I feel bad. Because there’s obviously no effort put in it..

Janakya Mottainai – Eva Version [Fandub]

Video Description:

:DD Today, May 2, is my birthday! So I ignored lines all week just to record this thing.

I also made an AMV to it, but I had no time to work on it. =/ And when it turned 11 PM, I totally freaked out and BS’d the rest of the AMV, so it’s honestly seriously crappy, but the AMV’s not as important as the singing.
The animes I used are listed at the beginning of the video, so don’t ask. I ended up not being able to use Tsubasa Chronicle, though.. But I had no time to make changes. x___X

For the record, this isn’t what my AMVs usually are like. D: I put no effort into this one.

Heheh, I haven’t uploaded a fandub in such a long time. My voice is still super annoyingly high. xP But I -hope- I improved at least a litte.

Janakya Mottainai! means “Otherwise, it’s a waste!” and is originally sung by Buono!.


4 Responses

  1. Congrats 4 your birthday LOL 15 sounds so old LOL ofcourse not, wait until u are 20 like me hahaha this is old anyway, Cafe buono! as a birthday present rocks, i hope i have friends like yours hahaha c ya!!

  2. [Comments respective to order of pictures]

    1. You’re not ugly/weird.

    2. ….. Octopus…. Actually I don’t like tea all that much either, so I guess I’ll hold off on both options.

    3. OMG PRESENTS! Is it me, or is it that guys always give gift cards as presents because usually the bulk of my presents are gift cards…… man, are we lazy.

    4. I’ve actually never heard of that band….. am I not Asian enough?

    5. Tsubasa Chronicle huh? I’ve played the music on violin but never watched it….. is it good?

    6&7. Lucky Star. Def heard of it, yet, def never watched it.

    8. Nice vid to end it off, but wait, this isn’t a picture is it? I ought to comment on it later ^-^

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