People actually read my blog?

Somehow, I’m, like, SUPER shocked. xD

I was expecting two views a day, at most.


I have this strange urge to run[yes, run.] over to Asia right now just to pinch Henry on the cheeeekss~

Also I was casted as Ryeowook in a M “U” groupdub. Rofl.<3
It makes me a little scared ’cause the last time I tried singing a Mandarin song, I phailed hard. D: [Ai Mei by Rainie Yang!] And also.. it means even more work for me. But I’m happy because I love SJ-M and I’m happy I got Ryeowook. xD Besides, he’s the only one I could pull off at least decently.

But other than that, my SuJu-M obsession has died down.
And my Shugo Chara phase is beginning to restart again.

My, my. Are all girls/teenagers this indecisive and easily distracted? :D

I’m thinking of cosplaying.

I want to cosplay.


One Response

  1. hihi eva-chan, yeah, I read your blog~ ^^
    and I want to cosplay too~

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