Ganbare, Gomaki!

First of all, it’s Yoshizawa Hitomi‘s 23rd birthday
and Suzuki Airi[C-ute]’s 14th birthday!


So today is the fan-proclaimed Gomaki Ganbare Day.

With Goto Maki leaving H!P and recently coming here to stay in Los Angeles for a month, fans across the USA are cheering her on and having gatherings and stuff.

So on Goto’s blog and she had some pictures up of herself at Universal Studios.

And that’s when I made a discovery. o__o
She took pictures at the same places I took pictures.

xD Goto Maki stepped on the ground I stepped on. Of course it’d be TONS more exciting if it was the other way around [-___-;] but I find that pretty cool anyway.


I was gonna blur myself out using PHOTOSHOP but then I remembered that I lost photoshop when my computer crashed, so I ended up drawing over myself using Microsoft Paint.

xD This pic was taken, like, two years ago,
back when I was even dorkier and uglier than I am now.



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